How to Switch Characters in Genshin Impact

In this article we will show you how to switch characters in Genshin Impact. Similar as some other experience game, risk hides in any corner in the realm of Teyvat. You bring a party of up to four characters to follow along for an excursion, however not all groups will perform ideally.

Blend and matching is the situation, bringing the ideal characters at the perfect foe. You must be prepared in having characters on reserve.

How to Switch Characters in Genshin Impact

Changing the characters in your party is entirely simple. You should simply open up the person menu and select the “Party Setup” choice. From here, the 4 characters in your party will be shown in full greatness.

How to Switch Characters in Genshin Impact

To change characters in how to switch characters in Genshin Impact, essentially select the person you wish to supplant, and a window will seem featuring every one of the characters you have at present opened. From this window, pick the ideal person that you wish to put in the party, and it will switch them in, replacing the person you have recently chosen.

How to change party arrangement in Genshin Impact?

Assuming you want to trade out characters for another one that is not on your present party, you want to get to the Paimon menu first, then, at that point, selecting Party Setup.
From here, you’ll have the chance to trade out characters from your whole program of gathered characters. Pick a person from your right now dynamic group, and pick who to trade them with thereafter. Continue to even out characters that you feel best accommodates your playstyle and current hardware accessible. It will save you in the since quite a while ago run, and eventually you will not need to stress over Elemental shortcomings.

How to change characters in Genshin Impact on PC, versatile and console

Genshin Impact permits players to create groups of four characters that can be utilized together during battle. The objective is to utilize the capacities of the relative multitude of characters proficiently and trigger Elemental Reactions to bargain harm.

  • In PC, players can basically change the characters in their party with the numeric keys 1, 2, 3 and 4.
    It is significant that there’s a short cooldown for changing characters.
  • On portable, players need to touch the person symbols that are obviously noticeable on the right half of the screen.
  • For regulators, players need to depend on the directional cushion and each directional button is planned to an alternate person number in the party.

How to change party arrangement in Genshin Impact

Subsequent to unlocking new characters, When is Genshin Impact Coming to Switch players will be needed to change their party arrangement to make and test new groups.

Changing Party Members

The Party individuals can likewise be changed (out of battle) by going to the Pause Menu and selecting Party Setup from the menu for how to switch characters in Genshin Impact. This will permit you to arrange a 4 person party.

Prior to Entering Domains

When entering sanctuaries, you will be incited to make a group prior to being ready to enter the sanctuary. There will likewise be limitations as certain prisons require a certain element(s) in request for them to be finished. Try to have an assortment of characters in your group!

How to Change Characters in Party in Genshin Impact

Then, at that point, pick the person you need to change and eliminate in your party on the following screen. Continue by choosing the person you need to place in your party. Finish by clicking Switch, and you should now have the option to change the characters in your party how to switch characters in Genshin Impact. You might do this now and again at whatever point you would need to attempt new characters in Genshin Impact.

How to Switch Characters in Genshin Impact

That is fundamentally it. Assuming that you as of now have multiple characters, have a blend and match of those to determine the best combination of characters in your party.

How to Equip New Characters

To change party individuals in Genshin Impact and prepare new characters, the main thing you want to do is open the in-game menu. From that point, select the Party Setup choice. That is the second one from the left in the top column. In the following screen, select the person you need to change. In the following window, select the new person you need to place into the party, and press Switch at the bottom of the screen. Blast, you can now openly pick between the waifus you need to host in your get-together. Then again, you can likewise involve the Quick Setup choice in the bottom right of the screen.