How To Send a Message to Xbox Live User Using PC – Full Guide

In this article we will show you How To Send a Message to Xbox Live User Using PC. The Xbox Game Bar is a clever new addition to Windows 10, allowing you to instantly access various capacities and features right from hitting Windows Key + G.

Using it is relatively straight forward once you become accustomed to it, How To Send a Message to Xbox Live User Using PC however from the outset, it could appear to be a piece odd. This is the way you can rapidly start a cross-platform voice chat Xbox Party with companions on Xbox Live using the Xbox Game Bar.

How To Send a Message to Xbox Live User Using PC - Full Guide

How To Send a Message to Xbox Live User Using PC

On Xbox Website click on the connection “Join Xbox LIVE-Free”. Click “Sign In” choice on the off chance that you already have Xbox LIVE account of yours.

  • Give the necessary detail like account name, image and than pursue Gold account.
  • Presently Navigate to the “Companion’s List” from that point click on “Messages” and than “New Message”
  • Give the name of Xbox LIVE user you want to send message to, than type your message and snap the choice “Send”.
  • How to Chat With Xbox Friends on Windows 10

The Xbox Game Bar gives you access to various chat tools, streaming features, performance statistics, and even Spotify. You don’t have to Alt+Tab between apps.

  • To chat with your Xbox companions on Windows 10, press the Windows key+G at any an ideal opportunity to raise the Xbox Game Bar. This overlay works while you’re playing a game, and it also works in the event that you’re simply using Windows desktop applications.
  • On the off chance that it doesn’t appear, make sure the keyboard alternate route is right by opening the Start Menu > Settings > Gaming > Game Bar and affirming that the “Open Game Bar” alternate way is set to “Win+G.”
  • When the Xbox Game Bar is open, click the Overlays button on the bar that resembles three horizontal lines. Then, at that point, select “Xbox Social (Beta)” to open up your Xbox companions list. You can add companions from this rundown by tapping the button right of “Search or Add Players.”

How to send voice/message Xbox messages

There are 2 ways to send Xbox messages, one is sending messages straightforwardly on Xbox One/Xbox 360, the other is sending Live messages through PC. How To Send a Message to Xbox Live User Using PC We should see the detailed aide underneath.

Send Xbox messages on Xbox One/Xbox 360

For Xbox One, you can send messages to companions, individuals you as of late played games with, and individuals not on your companions list. And for Xbox 360, you can chat with individuals in your Xbox companions list through Xbox console. The two of them need you to sign in your Xbox Live.

Also, Xbox Support site has presented the way bit by bit. You can go to “” to actually take a look at how to send Xbox messages on Xbox 360, and go to “ messages” to really take a look at how to send Xbox messages with Xbox One.

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You want the Games For Windows Live Client.

Presently I don’t know whether it works without playing a game. How To Send a Message to Xbox Live User Using PC Age of Empires Online is free and uses GFWL so I get it very well may be utilized only for sending messages without actually playing the game. Whenever you load up the game, very much like the 360 you can raise the ‘dashboard’ and see companions on the web and check or send messages. So you could simply sit on the Age Of Empires start menu and utilize the Xbox Live features.

How To Send a Message to Xbox Live User Using PC - Full Guide

How to send same message to various or all the companions

You can interface any USB keyboard with your XBOX and its a lot faster than using regulator. However there is a keyboard accessory that comes for Xbox which isn’t just portable, yet additionally intended for Xbox usage, however, sending message using any regular keyboard is simply equally awesome.!!

  • It is ideal to utilize a portable gadget like iPad or iPhone or Android or Windows Phone to send message as it is easy to type in there.
  • Select one of your companions to whom you want to send a message and then, at that point, pick “Send Message” choice. You can also reach this from Xbox Guide.
  • Then, at that point, select Change Gamertags and add more beneficiaries by keeping an eye on the really look at box close to the gamertag of the companion.
  • When done, select B and you will see rundown of companions added in the message template.

How would I send a message to somebody on Xbox Live from my PC?

Essentially right-click on the companion you want to send a message to, and select Open Chat. It will open up the Xbox Chat gadget as seen here, allowing you to send messages, hitting Enter on your keyboard to send.

How would I talk to Xbox individuals?

Double tap on a companion’s gamertag to start a conversation How To Send a Message to Xbox Live User Using PC, or right-click for advanced choices (join party chat, welcome them to a game, view their profile, and more). To associate with somebody locally, select the search box, then, at that point, type a gamertag or something almost identical.