How to Get the Bloody Finger in Elden Ring

This article is regarding How to get the Bloody Finger in Elden Ring. Bloody Finger is a Multiplayer Item in Elden Ring. Multiplayer Items grant players to interact with each other in various ways, including leaving messages for other players to examine, co-usable interactivity and competitve interactivity like PVP.

How to Get the Bloody Finger in Elden Ring

In the wake of finding them there, they will demand your opinion from the Two Fingers resulting to defeating Godrick the Grafted. If your response is negative, they inquire concerning whether you should join the Blood Order, and assuming you do, Varré rewards you with a couple of Festering Bloody Fingers in How to Get the Bloody Finger in Elden Ring. Take the fingers, and use them to invade other players, and that suggests you truly need to play online.

How to Get the Bloody Finger in Elden Ring

After you do this on various occasions, return to Varré, and he’ll give you a Lord of Blood Cloth to retain Maiden’s blood. You can do this by heading to the northwest of the Rose Church to the Four Belfries.

Elden Ring Bloody Finger Nerijus boss fight walkthrough

As you investigate the starting area of Limgrave in Elden Ring, you may eventually find yourself under the turnpike range connecting East and West Liurnia. If you continue to travel a short distance north, you’ll find two things. First: you’ll find Murkwater Cave to your left side – and this is a critical sinkhole to finish before fighting Margit, the Fell Omen at Stormveil Castle.

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Permit Yura to achieve the troublesome work for you

Nerijus is an irksome foe to best one-on-one by virtue of his unsafe drain inflicting attacks, which can make you drain even through your squares in How to Get the Bloody Finger in Elden Ring. Luckily, when Yura shows up, you’ll find that he is a solid fighter.

Ensuing to Defeating the Dragon

Whenever you’ve killed Flying Dragon Agheel near the Dragon-Burnt Ruins, return to Bloody Finger Hunter Yura. He’ll edify you regarding the Church of the Dragon Communion.

What Does the Festering Bloody Finger Do?

The Festering Bloody Finger grants you to invade other players. This will not permit you to show up at anyone you want, however; just players that are as of now in focus or have used a Taunter’s Tongue can be invaded.


  1. You can bought from the Traveling Merchant for 1,000 Runes each (Limit 5)
  2. Can be purchased from Gatekeeper Gostoc following opening the Main Gate in Stormveil Castle for 1000 Runes (Limit 2)
  3. Stormveil Castle: Rampart Towers – From Pampart Towers Site of Grace head down the substitute way and advance forward to the porch with all of the foes sitting outside.

First Meeting – Near Seaside Ruins Site of Grace

This first meeting with Yura is really optional, however it’s better constantly to begin a Quest from the start! Advance toward the Seaside Ruins Site of Grace, found to the southeast of the First Step Site of Grace (on the essential position).

How to Get the Bloody Finger in Elden Ring

What happens when you kill Yura

Assuming players kill Yura, it hinders his questline from finished in How to Get the Bloody Finger in Elden Ring. This eliminates potential chances to get Runes, gaining extra loot, obtaining more XP, and simply enjoying certain substance found in Elden Ring.

Players meet Yura under a scaffold in Limgrave, near the Seaside Ruins. Here the long excursion begins to take out other Bloody Finger Hunters. This mission can totally avoided.