How to get Garuda Prime Relics in Warframe

This article is about How to get Garuda Prime Relics in Warframe. Stain her claws red, steep the dirt in red. To suppress her perpetual bloodlust, the dangerous lady Garuda kills her prey with merciless style and walks upon their carcasses in a terrible presentation of instinctive gore. Garuda butchered her direction to a blood absorbed unveiling Update 24.0 (2018-11-08).

How to get Garuda Prime Relics in Warframe

How to get Garuda Prime Relics in Warframe

Garuda is the sovereign of blood, and her Prime structure is accessible to all players who wish to get it. It tends to be cultivated just by playing the game, despite the fact that players who don’t wish to stand by can get it by purchasing the Prime Access pack.

In this aide, we will show you How to get Garuda Prime Relics in Warframe, and the best places to cultivate for them all through the game.

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Garuda Prime Relics

The basic thing about farming for Garuda Prime Relics is knowing what relics you really want. The following Relics contain the different parts you really want to fabricate Harrow Prime and the uncommonness of the part.

  • Blueprint – Neo N20 – Common
  • Undercarriage – Meso P7 – Uncommon
  • Neuroptics – Lith G5 – Rare
  • Frameworks – Axi G7 – Rare

Garuda Prime Relic Farming

You can acquire different Relic types by doing various exercises in How to get Garuda Prime Relics in Warframe. These are probably the best exercises, in my opinion, to acquire each kind of Relic.

  • Lith – Hepit in the Void. A fast Capture basically ensures a Lith Relic upon fulfillment. You invest a short measure of energy in this mission.
  • Meso – Io on Jupiter. A Defense mission, the A revolution has an exceptionally high possibility dropping a Meso Relic. Complete ten waves, then leave and rehash for Meso farming.
  • Neo – Xini on Eris. An interception mission. The A revolution is a dependable Neo Relic.
  • Axi – Xini on Eris. The B and C pivots on this Interception will drop an Axi Relic. This region permits you to cultivate Neo and Axi relics simultaneously.

When you have them generally gathered, bring your Relics into Void Fissure missions through the main Navigation screen to open them. It shouldn’t bring you long to find every one of the Relics you want to get Garuda Prime. Remember to go to the recruiting tab in the talk and find bunches that are trying to open the Relics to find similar pieces you are, as it will significantly eliminate your farming time while opening them.

How to Get Garuda Prime Blueprints

You can get the Garuda Prime blueprints from the following Relics.

  • Garuda Prime Chassis – Meso P7 (Uncommon Relic)
  • Garuda Prime Blueprint – Neo N20 (Common Relic)
  • Garuda Prime Neuroptics – Lith G5 (Rare Relic)
  • Garuda Prime Systems – Axi G7 (Rare Relic)


Inundated with dark red and shimmering gold, Garuda Prime has arisen! Add Garuda Prime, select Prime Accessories, Weapons, Boosters and more with Prime Access, or procure Relics in-game to create Garuda Prime, Nagantaka Prime and Corvas Prime in your Foundry.

Garuda Prime and her particular Prime stuff tear through the war zone with dangerously sharp claws and sanguine bloodletting in How to get Garuda Prime Relics in Warframe. Experience Garuda’s modified capacities and witness the sovereign of violence get deadlier the more blood is spilled.

How to get Garuda Prime Relics in Warframe

Farming Garuda Mining Resources

Sadly, obtaining Garuda’s part blueprints is the simplest part. Every part requires its own arrangement of Vallis interesting assets to construct and a portion of those assets will expect you to increase your Solaris United organization rank in How to get Garuda Prime Relics in Warframe. However, you can begin farming the crude assets expected anytime so this is the way you can get a headstart. Most of Garuda’s part assets come from Mining on the Orb Vallis for minerals and jewels.