A man is inserting a power cord into the mini USB for charging the smartphone.

How To Fix Broken Phone USB Charging Port

How To Fix Broken Phone USB Charging Port

How To Fix Broken Phone USB Charging Port

In this guide, we will talk about how to fix broken phone USB charging port. “A smartphone is a habit-forming gadget which traps a spirit into a dead planet brimming with lives”. As said by a virtuoso, Cell phones have become instilled in our day to day routines. As a rule, our phones hold an abundance of individual and surprisingly proficient data that we need to do our every day errands.

Our phones play out an assortment of capacities for ourselves and are a fundamental piece of us, from setting cautions to working schedules, composing reports, speaking with loved ones by means of informing and web-based media applications to a wide range of virtual general media amusement.

At the point when we utilize our phones, the battery may run out and should be re-energized to take advantage of them. What do you do then, at that point, in the event that you associate your charger into the charging port of your phone yet it doesn’t charge? Before you freeze or enter a condition of furor, how about endeavoring the accompanying ways for fixing the cell phone charging port.

How To Fix Broken Phone USB Charging Port

Here are some of the simple solutions to fix your broken phone USB Charging port.

Alternate the Power Source

The issue with your phone not charging may be with the charger or the actual phone, yet with the electrical plug to which the charger is joined. Interface your charger to an alternate attachment. In case you were formerly charging through an expansion box, you can move up to charging directly from the divider. On the off chance that charging through a divider attachment, change to an alternate one.

In case you were charging utilizing a USB port on your PC, have a go at charging by means of another port or a divider connector. In the event that your phone starts to charge, you’ve recognized the wellspring of the issue. You should simply contact an electrical expert to fix the imperfect divider connector, get another augmentation box, or fix your PC’s USB port.

Visually Inspect the Charging Wire

Charging ropes are every now and again the essential justification behind your phone not charging when connected. Charging links are exposed to a lot of wrapping and opening up, turning and untwisting, especially when they are moved on a successive premise, since a few of us can’t live without our chargers. These factors may bring about harm to the charging wire. Change to an alternate charging link and verify whether your phone charges; in the event that it does, your charging link was damaged.

Disconnect your phone

Infrequently, your phone is getting power from the charger and the divider connector is working appropriately, yet there is a bug in your phone’s product that keeps the phone from perceiving that it is charging, and in this way the battery status indicator doesn’t refresh. Turning off your phone might resolve this issue. Furthermore, you might do a hard reset of your phone by pressing the volume and force buttons all the while. Then, at that point, have a go at charging it; if it charges effectively, that might have been the issue.

Examine the charging port on your cell phone

We every now and again convey our phones in our pockets and different areas without a defensive pack covering the charging association. Soil and flotsam and jetsam can enter the charging port, keeping the charger from completely associating with the phone. Take a light source and look at the charging port on your phone. On the off chance that noticeable soil and particles are found, acquire a delicate toothbrush and clean the phone charging port with it.

Moreover, you might achieve this with the utilization of a prompt tip. Keep away from the utilization of toothpicks and paper cuts. A toothpick can without much of a stretch be embedded into your charging port, causing hurt. Because of the way that paper cuts are metallic, they can lead power. Furthermore, they are sharp and can cause injury. If charging works subsequent to clearing garbage and grime, you’re set to go.

Examine the Charging Adapter

If you’ve changed the charging link and the phone is as yet not charging and you’re sure the charging link isn’t broken, the charger connector should be checked. Eliminate the charging string and assess the port that interfaces the two; does it smell consumed? Is the association port in dilapidation? Is the charging line precarious or does it not append accurately when associated? Then, at that point, you should substitute an alternate charging connector.

Moreover, try not to accuse your phone of any charger connector or charging link; each phone has a novel voltage need for ideal charging, and your charger ought to satisfy these necessities. Guarantee that you get a substitution charging link from a trustworthy retailer, for example, Carlcare workplaces that sells real things.


We have brought some extraordinary arrangements assuming you need to realize how to fix your broken phone USB Charging Port. However, If these arrangements aren’t working, your cell phone charging port is undoubtedly broken and requires fix. It isn’t prescribed that you endeavor to fix the phone charging port all alone. Set to the side any DIY guides that proposal to show you how to fix a phone charging port. Your deficient information and capacities in this space might bring about more damage to your device.

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