How to Fix a Pokemon Go Network Error 2 [Full Guide]

How to Fix a Pokemon Go Network Error 2

This guide is about How to Fix a Pokemon Go Network Error 2. In the event that you are a Pokémon GO player, you are probably going to have experienced Error 2 when playing the game. For most players, Pokémon GO error 2 happens when they are attempting to connect with Gyms.

It is an issue that influences a great many players all throughout the planet. At the point when it occurs, a message will show on your screen as “Network Error (2).”

At the point when you communicate with Gyms, the game brings a stacking circle on your screen, and afterward it shows the network error message. The application will freeze and power you to restart. That implies you can’t get to Gyms you have as of late attacked or even check the situation with your strikes. For most players, error 2 in rec center fight can be badly arranged for them.

This Pokémon GO network error is by and large brought about by gadget network issues, yet players have likewise revealed that it can likewise be an aftereffect of battery improvement or GPS float, for instance when you rapidly switch between applications.

Regardless, you will actually want to discover the Pokémon GO gym center error fix in the wake of perusing this article.

Ways to Fix Pokémon GO Network Error 2

As a rule, the Pokémon GO network error will go away once you restart the application. Notwithstanding, in the event that you discover that the Pokémon GO error 2 is persevering and essentially restarting the application doesn’t work, then, at that point read on to track down some potential fixes you can attempt.

1. Turn off Battery Optimization

Pokémon GO is an application that makes bunches of network demands. That can deplete the battery on the grounds that the application will turn on Wi-Fi or versatile radios, which will in general utilize more force. Past the best force important for sending and getting parcels, the radios consume more force when they turn on and stay alert.

In this way, when playing Pokémon GO and you attack the Gyms, the application will make a basic network demand that can keep the gadget’s versatile radio on and go through bunches of battery power. In the event that you advance battery power, those solicitations may not go through in light of the fact that the gadget is saving battery power.

In any case, since that force is important to finish a network demand, this will cause an error. The arrangement is to overlook battery streamlining when playing Pokémon GO. To do this:

  • Go to Settings on Android
  • Select Power Saving Management
  • Tap Usage of Electric Quantity
  • Tap the three dabs on the upper right corner of your screen
  • Tap Battery Optimization
  • Select Not Optimized from the dropdown menu
  • Find and tap on Pokémon GO
  • Select Don’t Optimize

At the point when you don’t optimize battery for Pokémon GO, it will permit the application to synchronize and get to the network and Wi-Fi to keep examining. On the off chance that this didn’t take care of the issue, continue to the following arrangement.

2. Force-close the app

Power shutting the application is vital in the event that it freezes constantly. Yet, it has an alternate advance when playing Pokémon GO. Here is the way to do it.

  • Open the application and enter the Gym
  • Pick your group
  • At the point when the error shows up, power close the application by twofold tapping the Home Button and afterward swiping up (iOS)
  • You should then open the application once more
  • Select the Gym and afterward enter the fight right away
  • Try not to pick a group
  • At the point when the fight begins, the game will change to the past Pokémon you had picked

Now, you won’t have sufficient opportunity to overcome the Pokémon. In any case, when you kill it, select Battle and keep killing more Pokémon.

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3. Check your Device Network

You should check your gadget network to guarantee there are no glitches on your end. In the first place, empower Data Services on your telephone and attempt once more. Second, call your ISP to decide if they have an issue on their end. This should assist you with knowing the right fix for the network issue.

The network error 2 on Pokémon GO happens during your cooperation with the Gym. You can address the error by checking your network settings and overlooking battery streamlining for the application. In any case, network error can likewise happen on the engineer’s side. That implies you should delay until Niantic adjusts the issue.

4. Close the Game for some time (GPS drift)

A few group have issues where their GPS signal floats from the real area, either because of glitches or purposefully. You may have seen a comparable conduct while playing the game where your symbol moves arbitrarily briefly without you moving by any means.

While this may help in getting more rewards (tallying additional means, bring forth eggs and so on), this is counter-useful while engaging in a gym. A potential arrangement is to close the game for a couple of moments, and relaunching when the GPS signal appears to settle down.

5. Don’t use Public Wifi

A typical issue can be that your telephone naturally associates with a public WiFi that either has limited admittance or requires a type of sign-in to get full Internet access. Your telephone may likewise experience difficulty exchanging back to the cell information when you move out of WiFi range.

Mood killer your telephone’s WiFi particularly when you are out of your home, so your gadget doesn’t consequently switch networks. Restart the application to check whether you actually experience the Pokémon GO network error 2 in the game.


Bugs and errors like this are irritating to any player. It feels much seriously baffling when the issue isn’t from your side, and you have no clue about what to do. We trust that one of these strategies may have fixed the Pokémon GO network error 2 and you are done gazing at the perpetual stacking circle.

On the off chance that you wind up the creek without a paddle even subsequent to taking a stab at all that we talked about, simply leave it to the engineer as it’s possible an issue with a terrible fix.