How to Find Tooki Island in Lost Ark

In this article we will show you How to Find Tooki Island in Lost Ark. Where could Tooki Island in Lost Ark be? Tooki Island is one of the various islands dispersed across the tremendous oceans of Arkesia, yet players are having issues finding it. In this aide, we will explain to you where to find the area of Tooki Island in Lost Ark.

How to Find Tooki Island in Lost Ark

Arkesia, the universe of Lost Ark, is genuinely a tremendous universe, with a few assorted continues to investigate, many more modest zones and regions across those continues, and incalculable POIs, prisons, stowed away areas, and different spots for you to find.

The sheer size of this world can at times be frightening, particularly for new players that have quite recently embarked on their epic excursion.

Asides from twelve of continents How to Find Tooki Island in Lost Ark, Arkesia’s oceans are loaded with more modest islands and archipelagos which you can likewise visit when you open your first boat.

Lost Ark Tooki Island Location

The best way to find Tooki Island is by sailing around the huge ocean. That could sound boring and tedious, yet that is the main way around as the specific area doesn’t show up on the guide. We recommend you mark explicit areas and fish around those places. The entry to Tooki Island opens with a colossal whirlpool around the ocean.

Where to Find Tooki Island in Lost Ark

In Lost Ark, Tooki Island will produce in somewhere around four unique areas on the guide. Sadly, there are no long-lasting areas that you can follow; however, you can pay special attention to unique occasions that go about as an indicator before the Island produces.

Any place Tooki Island should produce, there will be a tremendous vortex in the ocean. To lay it out plainly, water spirling vivaciously. Whenever you notice it happening, Tooki Island is going to release.

There are two different ways you can get to the Island. To begin with, you want a few steadfast and amicable players around you How to Find Tooki Island in Lost Ark. Numerous players are watching out for this Island; assuming that some of them notice the occasion occurring, they can inform the others about the area or even label them to the spot.

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Tooki Island Event

Since you’ve come to Tooki Island, this is what is happening inside. There are two journeys you’ll need to finish.

Tooki Treasures

Following 3 minutes of entering the Island, the coop mission will begin. Tooki Treasures is a mission that expects you to look through the Island and gather each of the 100 fortunes littered all over. Whenever you’re finished with that, another journey will begin.

Invincible King Tooki

In the wake of completing Tooki Treasures, the Invincible King Tooki journey will begin. You need to kill 101 Tookies on the Island that will bring forth at three spots. There’ll be a small bunch of 30-40 Tookies spawning at one spot that will you really want to kill.

When the Tookies are dead, you’ll need to kill the Tooki King, who’ll generate at the focal point of the Island. Subsequent to killing him, you’ll be compensated with Tooki Island Token.

How to find Tooki Island MMOARPG

Lost Ark is the most recent MMOARPG on the scene, thus far, players have been flocking to the game in masses. In the same way as other of the MMO’s before it How to Find Tooki Island in Lost Ark, Lost Ark highlights different slippery regions and mysteries for players to find, as Tooki Island.

In the midst of completing journeys, collecting mounts, and upgrading gear, there are a ton of islands that Lost Ark players can access when they have a boat to cruise the oceans with. While some of them are focused after acquiring pets and different journeys, similar to Turtle Island and Panda Island, others are somewhat more unusual.

What makes Tooki Island so bizarre is that it doesn’t have a decent position. This is somewhat troubling to players trying to find it, however we’ve stepped in to help. In this aide, we explain where to find and find Tooki Island in Lost Ark.

How to Find Tooki Island in Lost Ark


You should trust that there are a lot of players with you for this occasion, as the gathering journeys on Tooki Island require a ton of exertion in a little measure of time. The primary mission you will find once spawning on the island is called Tooki Treasures, which requires every one of the players to gather 100 Tooki Treasures across the island.

The subsequent mission begins not long after this is finished; called Invincible King Tooki, you should then go loss 101 Tooki adversaries around the island. How to Find Tooki Island in Lost Ark This will produce a manager called King Tooki who you can overcome to gain the Island Token. Make a point to leave rapidly later, so you don’t get sucked into the vortex.