How to Fight in Kingdom Come Deliverance – Full Guide

In this article we will show you how to fight in Kingdom Come Deliverance. The mechanics in Medieval pretending game Kingdom Come: Deliverance are intricate, and none are more profound than the battle framework. On the off chance that you need player character Henry to endure the hardships of fighting in fifteenth century Bohemia, the following are a couple of tips to divert you from a failing bonehead into a fighting power.

How to Fight in Kingdom Come Deliverance

After you find something you like (how to fight in Kingdom Come Deliverance), use it. Using a weapon acquires you levels in that weapon. Furthermore levels open advantage points that you can use to learn new combos and just by and large be better with that weapon. Assuming that you find you’re actually struggling, however, don’t be hesitant to trade out your weapon for something else.

How to Fight in Kingdom Come Deliverance

You need to consider your non-weapon gear while thinking about battle also. Certain head protectors limit your field of vision, for instance, making fights that a lot harder. Likewise, safeguards are magnificent for protecting yourself (particularly when you’re dwarfed), yet not carrying a safeguard, in our experience, made it simpler to pull off a portion of the further developed fighting procedures like combos.


Combos in Kingdom Come: Deliverance are very much like combos in any game – a progression of assaults that will give some additional harm. Combos are truly challenging to do accurately.

The most effective way to sort out combos is to continue to rehearse with Captain Bernard. Simply continue talking to him and asking him about combos again and again until you think you get it. Then, at that point, switch over to rehearse battle and attempt to do it in a fight. (And afterward return to the combo training some more since, it ends up, you didn’t actually get it.)

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Kingdom Come Deliverance Combat Guide

Your first instance of battle in how to fight in Kingdom Come Deliverance will happen when you address Sir Bernard in Rattay, where he’ll accompany you to the dueling field, and generally outline the battle framework to you. First and foremost, you’ll have to comprehend the HUD close to the bottom of the screen: the long yellow bar addresses your stamina, the red bar addresses your wellbeing, and the purple bar on the left indicates how much wellbeing your adversary has.

Skirmish weapons

What are the insights prerequisites of the weapon (for instance, 5 Strength points)? Try not to utilize such weapon on the off chance that Henry doesn’t have his measurements grew enough. Any other way, the weapon will be significantly less compelling. Stick to more vulnerable weapons and as you fight and fight your necessary boundary will increase.

What sort of harm it bargains? The harm can have a place with cut, slice or obtuse sort. Harm type is vital depending on who you need to assault. Blades and other sharp weapons are best against adversaries lacking guards or using just light covering. To overcome the foe in weighty reinforcement, you ought to outfit Henry with an unpolished weapon (for instance a sledge).You can generally check weapon details and effectively check in what kind of harm it is ideal.

What is that weapon’s strength? Remember that exhausted weapons are less proficient. For instance, a weapon with 75% strength bargains 1/4 less harm. Weapons purchased from brokers or stolen from houses typically have 100 percent sturdiness however those, for example found on cadavers can be somewhat exhausted. You can attempt to fix them by using a grindstone however this interaction is hazardous and can give you totally various outcomes. You can likewise pay a metalworker for the maintenance.

How to Fight in Kingdom Come Deliverance


In how to fight in Kingdom Come Deliverance you don’t wear just one layer of shield. Instead, you have various spaces where you place various pieces of reinforcement (for example breastplate, gloves, boots or head piece). By and large, protective layers in the game are partitioned into light, medium and weighty. Your saint doesn’t need to wear bits of stuff just from one gathering. In the event that you, for example think that a specific body part needs more insurance then you can wear a heavier piece of protective layer while the rest can be from the light classification.

How does the battle in Kingdom Come Deliverance work?

Just to be cautioned, I feel totally senseless asking this inquiry. I wouldn’t believe myself to be a noob to videogames yet for reasons unknown the battle of Kingdom Come Deliverance totally misleads me.

I recently began playing this game and I’m curious about any mechanics of the game. I somehow figured out how to get past the initial blade fight training-tutorial-thingy and a clench hand fight however I don’t think I’ve learned in excess of two or three key bindings. How treats circle with the 5 bars in the screen mean and how would I use it to not swing the blade through air (on the off chance that I even figure out how to swing it by any stretch of the imagination).