How to Farm Obsidian in Valheim [Complete Guide]

How to Farm Obsidian in Valheim

This guide is about How to Farm Obsidian in Valheim. Searching for obsidian in Valheim? You will not discover this asset until you adventure into the Mountain biome, and surprisingly then it’s not entirely obvious in the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea what you’re searching for.

Obsidian will in general be found in a portion of the greater ranges of the mountains, so before you consider embarking to search for it, you’ll need to guarantee you’re satisfactorily ready.

Obsidian can be utilized in various bolt plans and these will open once you get your first piece. It’s likewise needed for one of the Valheim workbench overhauls so you’ll need to ensure you gather some when you’re ready to do as such. On the off chance that you need to realize how to discover Valheim obsidian and what you’ll have to mine it, read on.

The right way to Farm Obsidian?

To farm Obsidian, you should head toward the Mountains biome and start scaling the mountains as you look for it.

You’ll find that Obsidian Deposits could be found with a scarcely totally extraordinary look from changed greater rocks found inside the Mountains biome.

Obsidian Deposits are clear to distinguish since they’re hazier in conceal and have joined dark and dim segments that make them stand apart inside the snow.

You can annihilate Obsidian Deposits with an Iron Pickaxe, and this can yield Obsidian which you ought to use to create sure contraptions.

You need to guarantee to have a technique to withstand the freezing standing, which happens when you wind up inside the Mountains biome.

Using a Wolf Fur Cape or Lox Cape will help you to securely find the Mountains biome, anyway on the off chance that you ought not have any of those capes, you’ll have the option to turn to using Frost Resistance Mead.

Best Method to Farm Obsidian Ore

An incredible method to farm Obsidian mineral is to have a capacity station nearby to switch it subsequently when you may have rather a ton.

Making a Portal out of your base to the Mountains biome station will presumably be a colossal help so you’ll have the option to travel sooner between places.

Simply be certain you have eaten adequate suppers to lift your endurance and prosperity as you can be managing adversaries sometimes and furthermore will need endurance to scale the mountains.

You can basically stumble into the Mountains biome and mine the Obsidian Deposits that you just find inside the space. You can also read about Hero Siege Season 9 Builds Guide.

What you can Craft with Obsidian in Valheim

In contrast to press, copper, and tin, obsidian shouldn’t be purified before you can utilize it. It can likewise be moved through Valheim entrances, so you will not have to stress over getting sorted out an exceptional boat excursion to get it to your principle base.

Here’s what you can craft with Valheim obsidian:

Tool Shelf (workbench upgrade)

  • Iron x4: Smelted from iron scraps.
  • Fine wood x10: Chop down Birch and Oak trees.
  • Obsidian x4

Frost arrows (x20)

  • Wood x8
  • Obsidian x4
  • Feathers x2
  • Freeze Gland x1: Dropped by drakes in the Mountain biome

Obsidian arrows (x20)

  • Wood x8
  • Obsidian x4
  • Feathers x2

Poison arrows (x20)

  • Wood x8
  • Obsidian x4
  • Feathers x2
  • Ooze x2: Dropped by Blobs in the Swamp biome.


Obsidian is an indispensable helpful asset for subsequently inside the game since it’s needed to make Frost Arrows, which is right now one of many game’s most grounded bolt assortments.

Sure Upgrades could be cultivated alongside your stuff subsequent to getting furthermore made the Software Shelf, which moreover requires Obsidian.

It’s a decent idea principally to keep a stock of Obsidian for bolts, anyway eventually, it very well may be achievable that there will most likely be additional utilizes for Obsidian.

Watch out when attempting to discover Obsidian as you could experience Wolves and Drakes inside the Mountains biome notwithstanding Fenrings at evening.