get hancock as a companion fallout 4

How to Get Hancock as a Companion Fallout 4

After finishing The Big Dig through favoring Bobbi No-Nose, Hancock as a Companion Fallout 4 will block the Sole Survivor before the store area of Good neighbor. Hancock is unhappy with the Survivor killing his companion and bodyguard Fahrenheit, and demands 1,000 caps compensation, which can be diminished to 750, 500 and 200 caps progressively with increasingly harder Speech checks, and tasks the Sole Survivor with standing up to and killing Bobbi to recover those caps.

Hancock is an optional Companion that can be obtained in Good neighbor. To obtain him as a companion, you should do a miscellaneous mission for him Investigate Pickman Gallery, and do two other Good neighbor side journeys The Big Dig and The Silver Shroud.

get hancock as a companion fallout 4

It’s almost traditional at this point that each new section in the Fallout franchise will feature one singular new Ghoul companion. Get hancock as a companion fallout 4 is the same in this regard, with the companion this time around being the amazingly charismatic John Hancock.

How to Get Hancock as a Companion Fallout 4

Whenever you first visit Goodneighbor, a NPC named Finn will attempt to extort some cash from you. Assuming you don’t kill this character yourself, then, at that point, Hancock will walk up and brutally murder him for you. This will then, at that point, be circled back to a legitimate presentation.

From here, you have to head to the backstreets and talk to another NPC named Bobbi No-Nose. She gives you the journey ‘The Big Dig,’ which has to be finished to select Hancock as a companion. Follow the course of this journey as usual, yet you should make an important choice towards the end.

Assuming you side with Bobbi, then, at that point, you should Get Ballistic Weave Fallout 4 do a subsequent journey for Hancock. Decide to betray Bobbi instead, and the companion opens up instantly. Regardless of what decision you make, you will get a legendary minigun named Ashmaker from another NPC named Fahrenheit.

Fallout 4 Hancock Likes:

Peace And Generosity

Hancock likes it when players are charitable in their choices when dealing with NPCs. He also really wants peaceful answers for issues and favors it when you make decisions that end with no contention.


Alongside his peace-cherishing nature, Hancock also partakes in a touch of action. Specifically, he prefers when you make choices that end in combat experiences. What to note here is that he doesn’t favor this as a first choice; he possibly loves it when you actively make choices that end in brutality.

Thing Donation

This character also enjoys when players give things to NPCs who ask for them. So assuming you get the chance to finish a get journey, having Hancock in your party is a brilliant way to raise affinity.

Chem Use

Unlike most different companions in Fallout 4, Hancock appreciates it when you use drugs. You’re probably going to have accumulated many of these in your excursion, so use them to step up your bond.

What Type Of Character Is John Hancock?

There are a couple of snippets of information you should know prior to hurrying into combat with John Hancock. These are the main things about John Hancock.

John Hancock’s Backstory

Compared to most different devotees in Fallout 4, John Hancock has a fascinating backstory. Hancock is a Ghoul that you meet in Goodneighbor, and he’s the leader of this settlement during the occasions of Fallout 4. Hancock is originally from Diamond City and is Mayor McDonough’s sibling, so he’s associated with the two settlements in some ways.

John Hancock left Diamond City after Mayor McDonough created anti-Ghoul fear and hatred there; however, Hancock himself wasn’t yet a Ghoul during these occasions. At the point when John Hancock left for Goodneighbor, he started utilizing chems regularly, which eventually prompted him transforming into a Ghoul by utilizing a rare chem. John Hancock became the leader of Goodneighbor, and then, at that point, the main storyline was set into action, which is the timeframe that you interact with John Hancock in the timetable.

get hancock as a companion fallout 4

Weapon used by John Hancock During Combat?

As a matter of course, John Hancock utilizes a Double-Barrel Shotgun along with a Combat Knife. These weapons aren’t particularly strong, however, he utilizes them as well as could be expected, and he can in any case deal a ton of damage, especially during the earlier levels in Fallout 4.

However, you can give John Hancock any weapon by interacting with his inventory. Assuming you imagine that he’d be in an ideal situation with an alternate weapon type, then, at that point, give two or three a shot until you observe one to be that fits him impeccably. Keep in mind, however, you really want to give companions ammo assuming they aren’t utilizing their default weapon, so they don’t have limitless ammo.