ground pound in super mario 64

How to Ground Pound in Super Mario 64

There are not many things more satisfying than defeating foes with a ground pound in super mario 64 3D All-Stars rendition of Super Mario 64, a brand name Mario move which sees our legend hammer his back into the ground. The stout handyman initially started his butt-stomping business in Super Mario 64, and with various functional uses within the game, it’s a fundamental move to dominate.

The Super Mario 3D All Stars assortment is currently accessible for the Nintendo Switch, allowing Mario fans to encounter three notable exemplary 3D platformers with somewhat present day retouching. On the off chance that this is your first time playing through these games, you may be wondering how to ground pound in super mario 64 nintendo switch. Furthermore assuming you’re somebody who’s accomplished yet simply needs a reminder, we’re hanging around for you too.

ground pound in super mario 64

The Ground Pound (otherwise called the Hip Drop, Pound The Ground, the Jump Smash, the Smash Attack, the Butt-Bash and the Butt Stomp, designed as ground-pound in Super Mario 64 and the Super Mario Galaxy games; additionally organized as ground pound, and furthermore known as the Spin Jump in Paper Mario and Paper Mario:

The Thousand-Year Door) is a move that has impacted the Mario establishment significantly, alongside moves, for example, the Wall Jump and Spin Jump. The move is typically executed by crouching in midair, however it is in some cases utilized by pressing the leap button two times instead (normally in Mario Party minigames). At the point Get Yoshi in Super Mario Sunshine when the move is utilized, the person will hammer their backside on the ground, which can cause many outcomes.

How to Ground Pound in Super Mario 64

The ground pound in Super Mario Bros is a strong move. It was introduced in Super Mario Bros 3 for the NES and was originally a move that Bowser utilized against Mario. In later Super Mario Bros games, the move can make playable characters crush descending into the ground.

The ground pound can break and initiate blocks from a higher place. It is additionally one of Mario’s hostile moves and is the main way you can overcome certain foes or managers. The method for performing a ground pound in Super Mario Bros relies upon which game you are playing.

Ground Pound Appearance

Hop into the air and press the squat button to do a ground pound in super mario 64 Bros games. These include “Mario 64,” “Super Mario Sunshine,” “Super Mario Galaxy” and “Super Mario Galaxy 2.” In these games, when the ground pound is executed, Mario will stop jumping toward the path he was traveling and promptly fall descending. This capacity permits you to arrive on exact spots, which can sometimes be troublesome in the 3D perspective on these games.

Press the descending directional bolt while jumping to do a ground pound in “New Super Mario Bros” for the Nintendo DS. In the DS form, a ground pound will cause twofold harm to adversaries. Play out a ground pound in “New Super Mario Bros” Wii in a similar design; in the Wii variant, however, the ground pound doesn’t cause twofold harm.

Play out a ground pound while riding Yoshi in “Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island” for the SNES framework by pressing down on the control cushion while in a leap. This move must be performed while on Yoshi.


The ground pound is likewise an accessible move in other Nintendo games other than the Super Mario Bros series. “Super Smash Brothers,” “Paper Mario” and “Mario Party” all contain varieties of the ground pound also.

What is the Ground Pound?

While the Ground Pound is for the most part discretionary in most battle circumstances, it is the best way to ground pound in super mario 64 overcome Whomps. Whomps are the snaggletoothed, walking stone square shapes found in Whomp’s Fortress (just as close to the furthest limit of the game, in the Bowser in the Sky stage).

ground pound in super mario 64

At the point when they approach Mario, they will endeavor to pulverize him by slamming themselves down face-first; evade them, and Ground Pound them on their backs to overcome them. A similar strategy is utilized to take out their chief, the Whomp King, however dissimilar to his minions, His Majesty will require a total of three Ground Pounds to overcome.

It tends to be an extraordinary move for getting Mario out of a pinch, too. Assuming you tumble from an incredible tallness, you can decrease (and here and there totally invalidate) the harm taken from the drops in the event that you Ground Pound when near the ground. While flying with the Wing Cap, a ground pound in super mario 64 can likewise assist you with making a faster and more exact landing.

Ground Pounds are likewise used to actuate Blue Coin Blocks. These are little, dark squares with a blue circle and a star image decorated on top. When enacted, Blue Coins will show up adjacent, and Mario has a restricted measure of time to gather them before they vanish. Snatch them fast, as Blue Coin Blocks can’t be reused until the level is reset, and they can be fundamental when attempting to accumulate 100 coins in a level (which, in turn, opens a Power Star).