Graphic Novel NFTs

My Digital Money Drop’s Graphic Novel NFTs at Bitcoin 2022

Cryptocurrency exchanging organization My Digital Money (MDM) has reported a select Graphic Novel NFTs drop of Aswang, the principal of Blockchain Technology graphic novel NFT focused on Asian mythological creatures, at Bitcoin 2022. This declaration is combined with postponed arrangement expenses and $50 cash for all new records opened and financed with $1000 during the Bitcoin Conference in Miami this April.

Graphic Novel NFTs

MDM will offer new customers many unique and selective NFTs, esteemed at 0.5 Ethereum each. The digital workmanship was created by MDM Marketing Manager Fairlane Raymundo and propelled by Asian mythology characters who show up in her Graphic Novel NFTs-based metacomic Aswang.

“We’re eager to associate with individual crypto aficionados and have the option to help the send off of the principal Graphic Novel NFTs”, says MDM President Guy Gotslak. “It’s the first metacomic focused in Asian Mythology. The value will appreciate over the long haul, and this will increase the value of our customers’ speculation portfolios. We’ve assisted a large number of individuals with beginning in crypto by showing them how to contribute admirably, and the meeting will just enlarge our local area.”

“Other comic book series have been modernized into standard movies and TV shows and are presently worth millions,” says Raymundo. “With this metacomic’s solid narrative and spotlight on AAPI culture, mythology, and workmanship, it can possibly welcome enormous profits from a NFT speculation.”

MDM will be addressed at Booth #1209 at the Bitcoin 2022 Miami Beach gathering on April 6-9, projected to be the biggest Bitcoin occasion ever. Meeting attendees should stop by to get free loot things and sweep the QR code to reclaim their prize.

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