How to Get the Stone Mask in Vampire Survivors

The Stone Mask is one of numerous uninvolved things Get the Stone Mask in Vampire Survivors for you to open. Uninvolved things are things that award your personality detail rewards, and in the wake of being gathered interestingly, will be added to the randomized plunder pool for every single future run.

The Stone Mask specifically gives a 10% Greed reward for every level, expanding how much gold you get from pickups and chests. In this aide, vampire survivors map we’ll let you know where to track down it.

How to Get the Stone Mask in Vampire Survivors

  • The Stone Mask is a thing you can find while investigating the Inlaid Library, which is the subsequent game level. You won’t open this level when you start the game. All things being equal, Powerup Selection you should play through the principal level and arrive at level 20 with your opened characters. From that point onward, the Inlaid Library will be accessible to you.
  • After entering the Inlaid Library with any person, you will track down the Stone Mask by investigating the level. You should advance toward the right half of the screen and investigate this region. You ought to have the option to track down the Stone Mask on the ground, on the top piece of your screen. It required right around 11 minutes to find the Stone Mask while we were endeavoring to see it, and we were almost level 30 when we arrived at it. You need to follow the right half of the screen however much as could reasonably be expected to arrive at this area, Bone Evolution and ensure you keep a sight on the top since missing this area is simple.
  • You can put it on your personality when you track down it, giving them 10% more gold until the end of the run.

How do the Stone Masks function?

Blood actuating the ringlets of the Stone Mask The Stone Mask is set off when it is moved by blood. It then, at that point, broadens rings of stone from its edges, puncturing the wearer’s skull and mind. … The Mask’s wearer is then let out of the requirements of regular impediment, acquiring gigantic strength and different capacities

Assuming the Stone Mask from Phantom Blood existed, in actuality, taking into account we have no Hamon, how might the world guard against Dio?

  • In the 1880’s, people will be ill-fated. Dio isn’t idiotic, he has better than expected insight, firearms are of no utilization, there are in fact no really sonic weapons at the time where you can truly shock him, and he will probably run before Sunrise and you don’t have anything to stop him and no quickly enough method for getting up to speed to uncover his concealing spot. Countless loss will happen before human even know a portion of Dio’s capacities, that is expecting somebody in the experiences even made due. Taking into account the specialized techniques are likewise exceptionally sluggish, it would be difficult to actually attempt to prepare.
  • Thus, essentially the world is ill-fated. The world will protect with its militaries, however none of it will be valuable. All hand held weapons are not sufficiently strong to hurt Dio, and he won’t stand by while you roll in many guns that can hurt him.