Games speedrun raises $3.4 million for charity

Games Done Quick has raised $3.4 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation at its yearly computer game speedrunning occasion, Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ), the most cash at any point raised at a solitary Games Done Quick occasion (through IGN).

The association, which holds two speedrunning occasions for a noble cause consistently, declared its prosperity on Twitter. It’s the most cash Games Done Quick has at any point raised, and furthermore the quickest the association has at any point reached $1 million in gifts. As indicated on AGDQ’s tracker, the occasion exhibited a sum of 149 speedruns and got 49,482 gifts from 28,073 unique individuals.

AGDQ 2022 was livestreamed on Twitch from January ninth to January sixteenth and highlighted a portion of the world’s most skilled speedrunners who broke their very own few records. InsertLogic finished Kena: Bridge of Spirits in 28:35, ShadowthePast ran Webbed in 17:21, and Jaxler beat Pumpkin Jack in 53:17, all breaking past world records.

In an especially high-profile stunt, Mitchriz went through the famously troublesome Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice while blindfolded, finishing the game involving just hear-able prompts in a little more than two hours. This isn’t Mitchriz’s first effort to finish the game while blindfolded; he beat the game in a little under two hours during a livestream in December. Chinese speedrunner, Just Blind, holds the record for the quickest Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice speedrun at 1:42.

The following Games Done Quick gathering pledges occasion, Frost Fatales, is set to occur from February 27th to March fifth. It’s an all-ladies speedrunning occasion that will fund-raise for the Malala Fund, a foundation that means to give little kids across the world admittance to schooling.