Where to find the Full Moon Crossbow in Elden Ring

Where to Find the Full Moon Crossbow in Elden Ring

The Full Moon Crossbow is one of the seriously fascinating went weapons you can find in the elden ring crossbow Between. This brilliant looking crossbow has its actual worth opened while terminating Ash of War: Ice Spear implanted bolts from it despite the fact that the portrayal states heavenly injected bolts. The individuals who are keen on insight assembles may be keen on snatching this crossbow. Here is the place where you can track down the Full Moon Crossbow in Elden Ring.

Full Moon Crossbow in Elden Ring

To get the ball rolling, you should get into Raya Lucaria Academy and advance toward the Debate Parlor Site of Grace. To get into the institute, you first need to get the Academy Glintstone Key from the close by rocks that are protected by a mythical beast. The Debate Parlor is the region where you battle the Red Wolf of Radagon chief. After that is done, take the accompanying course to arrive at the crossbow.

Go away from the Debate Parlor to the Greatblade Phalanx Sorcery. Hang a left and go up the steps. At the highest point of the steps, hang one more left to and get around the railing to arrive on one more arrangement of steps underneath. Run up those steps and turn left once more, getting around the railing, to arrive at the roofs. Go across the housetops and ascend the stepping stool past the life sized model foes.

Where to Find the Full Moon Crossbow in Elden Ring

Full Moon Crossbow is a Crossbow in Elden Ring. The Full Moon Crossbow scales principally with Strength and
pulley crossbow elden ring and is a decent Weapon for ran assaults saturated with sorcery.

Elden Ring has presented a wide scope of weapons. In endurance games, weapons are essential things. Without strong weapons, players can’t get by. To make the endurance of the players simple, Elden Ring presents different classifications of weapons, and every classification contains a very sizable amount of weapons for the players.

Full Moon Crossbow

Full Moon Crossbow, the actual name says that this is a Crossbow that players can find in Plasma Marker in Roblox. A went weapon shoot wizardry injected bolts. This guide will assist you with knowing the area and procuring interaction of the Full Moon Crossbow in Elden Ring.

Full Moon Crossbow in Elden Ring – Location Guide

Full Moon Crossbow is a brilliant weapon for players with an Intelligence fabricate. Players who are keen on Intelligence assemble as often as possible search for this crossbow. Be that as it may, the procuring system is testing. Players need to go to Raya Lucaria Academy and battle with twelve foes to get the crossbow.

  • Go to the Raya Lucaria Academy and go to the Debate Parlor Site of Grace.
  • Run out of the Debate Parlor and use the stairwell on the left side.
  • Leap off the railing and land onto one more arrangement of steps.
  • Move up the steps, leap off the railings, and land on the roof.
  • Clear your path through the roofs, and you’ll track down an entryway.
  • Enter the entryway, and you’ll track down a stepping stool before you.
  • Move up the stepping stool, and you’ll see the chest up there.
  • Go close to the chest, and you’ll get the Full Moon Crossbow inside.

Full Moon Crossbow

so I just got this, and bc I’m languid I respecced a little to have the option to involve it as an auxiliary weapon bc I’m a for the most part INT fabricate. I saw in the portrayal it says that it “uncovers genuine worth when utilized with blessed injected bolts.”


The full moon crossbow does. It’s in Raya Lucarias Academy. You can create Magic bolts as well in the event that you can’t get it