Eu4 Console Commands | Europa Universalis 4 Cheat Codes 2022

Eu4 Console Commands

This guide is about Eu4 Console Commands. Looking to Eu4 Console Commands codes? This page records the codes which may be commitment to the Console Window, an extraordinary researching window which may be gotten to on non-ironman games by pressing ⇧Shift+2, Alt+2+1, ⇧Shift+3,§, ~, ^, °, ², or ‘ (key vacillates reliant upon console design).

Press the up or down bolt keys to explore through as of late executed requests. Press ⇆Tab in the wake of entering the beginning of a request to autocomplete it or show which orders start with the entered progression.

Various codes can be killed by reiterating the request, yet now and again reloading the Europa Universalis 4 extra or leaving the game is significant. Adding Eu4 Console Commands filename to the uttermost furthest reaches of a console orders, makes the yield out of the request to the foreordained archive in the game foundation coordinator.

Type the name of a solace request into the pursuit box to rapidly glance through 305Europa Universalis 4 orders. Float over a cheat code to see bare essential conflict explanation. Snap on the name of a request to visit its request page for more help and models.

The Europa Universalis 4 help can be opened by pressing one of the going with console hotkeys: ‘, ~, SHIFT + 2. Type a request into the substance box and hit ENTER to send it. If those hotkeys aren’t working for you, or need more help with using the help, see our console control.

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This examine request begins a solid reevaluation of all orchestrated outfitted power improvements by the AI. It is useful to Europa Universalis 4 make a tactical reevaluate decisions if conditions have changed at this point the game isn’t invigorating.

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If a country still up in the air, the large number of the country with this mark Europa Universalis 4 will be reconsidered. If, as a resulting conflict, a record name is given (for instance armylog.txt), a log of the reconsideration will be saved to this record Eu4 Console Commands.

Eu4 Console Commands Europa Universalis 4 Cheats Console and Codes

Raise the solace request box by Europa Universalis 4 crushing ~ (TILDE, the key above TAB) and a while later enter and confirm one of the Eu4 Console Commands to make the looking at sway.

  • add_cb [<casus belli tag>] [<target country tag>] – Add casus belli against target country
  • add_core [<Province ID>] – Add focus
  • add_natives [<ProvinceID>] [<Amount>] – Add local people to given region
  • add_opinion [<Country tag>] – Add opinion to/from tag
  • add_pi [<Country tag>] – Add religious effect on tag
  • add_pa [<Country tag>] – Add patriach position to tag
  • add_reformlevel [<Amount>] – Add change level to the domain
  • add interest [<Country tag>] – Add showed country tag for your potential benefit
  • strength – Adds robustness
  • add_colonist [<Country tag>] – Adds a pioneer to the predefined country
  • add_heir [<Target Country Tag>] – Adds a recipient of a tag (eg: add_heir 43)
  • add_missionary [<Country tag>] – Adds an evangelist to a country
  • add_diplo – Adds vital entroute
  • morehumans [number] – Adds more individuals
  • dedication – Adds commitment
  • people [<ProvinceID>] [<Amount>] – Adds people to a space.
  • differentiation – Adds Prestige
  • add_idea_group [<Idea bundle key>] – Adds the perceived idea gathering
  • power [<stability/tech_table_key/idea_key>] – Adds the perceived idea gathering
  • add-on [<Target Country Tag>] – Begin add-on/annexes the perceived country
  • organize [<Target Country Tag>] – Begin fuse/fuses the recognized country
  • controll [<Province ID>] – Change controller
  • mapmode [Mapmode type (int)] – Change mapmode.
  • own [<Province ID>] – Change ownership
  • nextsong – Changes the tune as of now playing
  • clear – Clears the solace
  • savegame – Creates an extra archive
  • discover [<Target Country Tag>] – Discover capital of target tag
  • helphelp – Double Rainbow (help from a unicorn)
  • selflearningai – Enables/Disables Self-Learning AI
  • event [event id] [<Target Country Tag>] – Executes an event (eg: event 3041 51)
  • work (Insert Number) – Extra work
  • Cash (Insert Number) – Extra money
  • fow off – Fog of War killed
  • fow on – Fog of War turned on
  • study – Force reviews
  • adm [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] – Obtain administrative power
  • plunge [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] – Obtain political power
  • mil [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] – Obtain military power
  • powerpoints [<AMOUNT> OPTIONAL] – Obtain power in all classes
  • winwars – Awards max war score in all fights for the country
  • jab – Go to the nudge device
  • combatsound – Determines how as often as possible fight see conveys a self-assertive sound? (range is 0-50)
  • imperial_authority [VALUE] – Increases your Imperial Authority
  • kill_cardinal – Kills the accompanying cardinal on the summary
  • kill_heir [<Target Country Tag>] – Kills the recipient of a country (eg: kill_heir 43)
  • die(kill) [<Target Country Tag>] – Kills the leader of a country (eg: murder 43)
  • oos – Make the client go oos
  • costs – Pricing data (records in Documents\Paradox Interactive\Europa Universalis IV\logs)
  • help [command name] – Print not set in stone, or all solace orders
  • memory – Prints out the used memory
  • balance – Region Balance yield