Episode 2 of Light Fairytale is now out on PSN In North America And Europe

Deeply. Episode 2 continues the experience with Haru just after the last episodes cliffhanger ending. Episode 1 of Light Fairytale was delivered in 2018 and included a traditional turn-based fight framework with chibi inspired characters.

Episode 2 of Light Fairytale

Episode 2 is once again evolved by Neko.Works. a one-person indie game studio from France. The title is now accessible on PSN for $9.99 and shouldnt be missed by devotees of traditional and exemplary JRPGs.

Light Fairytale recounts the tale of cherished companions Haru and Kuroko trying to bring down a heartless realm in their underground city. Civilization lives underground because of the destruction on a superficial level, which they welcomed on themselves. Thousands of years after the surfaces destruction, the individuals who live underground have everything except failed to remember why they live there and what occurred on a superficial level. That didnt prevent old propensities from reemerging with a tragic culture and a merciless realm oppressing its residents.

Light Fairytale Episode 2 is out now on PlayStation 4 with PS5 charms.

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