Elgato Stream Deck MK.2 Review 2022

Elgato Stream Deck MK.2 Review

This article is about Elgato Stream Deck MK.2 Review. Streaming takes a great deal of mental aptitude, which doesn’t leave space for some different errands. At the point when I chose to stream, despite the fact that I have a timetable, I’m rarely that coordinated. I’m either behind schedule or haven’t changed every one of my settings for that stream.

In some cases, I get so amped up for beginning another independent game or beating a manager that I neglect to Tweet out that I’m going live. Nonetheless, every one of the errands associated with streaming – evolving settings, going live, visiting with a crowd of people and in any event, advancing your stream via web-based media – should be possible quicker and simpler with a devoted full scale keypad like the Elgato Stream Deck MK.2.

An update to the mainstream Stream Deck, the MK.2 highlights 15 adaptable keys, every one of which serves as a small shading LED screen that shows you its capacity.

You can arrange each key to do pretty much anything, however a portion of the implicit provisions the product upholds incorporate sending robotized Twitch visit messages, playing sound from soundboards, making cuts, voice modding, or posting tweets. The Stream Deck MK.2’s application has local help for OBS, Twitch and Twitter.

Delivered in July 2021 for $149, the MK.2 has a couple of supportive enhancements over the first model, however these presumably will not be sufficient to push the individuals who effectively own one to overhaul.

The new model presents to us an exchangeable faceplate, a USB-C port with separable link and sturdier, 45-degree fixed-point stand. Something else, it’s a similar gadget and has a similar usefulness and programming as the 6-button Stream Deck Mini ($69) or the 32-key Stream Deck XL ($245).

Stream Deck MK.2 Design

The Stream Deck has three columns of five catches. The catches are raised, pushable, and isolated by dark bars — giving each an individualized feel. The catches don’t have haptic criticism when squeezed however they are material. It’s truly useful during my streams of PC games to have a hotkey to flip in the middle of the game and the other applications I’m utilizing like Opera GX, Chrome and OBS.

I realize a great many people love having more fastens on a full scale keypad, however I tracked down that even 15 was a ton and I felt like I might have gotten by with the six catches on the Stream Deck Mini, particularly on the grounds that you can generally make organizers to store various capacities.

The Stream Deck MK.2 has a similar 15 keys as the first however appears to be unique than its archetype. Remaining at 4.6 x 3.3 x 10 inches, it’s more modest, sleeker, the stand feels studier and fits unnoticeably around your work area. The first Deck weighed 6.4 ounces, which has now been trimmed down to 5.1 ounces.

The compatible faceplate snaps off into your hand. This component makes it simpler to modify your faceplate. Before you needed to attempt to cover the 4.6 x 3.3 face of the 15 catch design with another modified case. Another alternative is setting a vinyl sticker on the substance of the Deck. Seven custom plates are currently accessible for buy on Elgato’s site for $10 each.

The remain on the Stream Deck MK.2 looks entirely unexpected. The earlier model had a customizable stand, which appeared to be somewhat feeble, however this is a weighted one-piece separable that is fixed at a 45-degree point. The weight helps the MK.2 feel durable alongside the counter slip base.

The separable USB-C attachment is a major comfort. On the earlier model, the short, 23-inch (59cm) rope was incorporated into the gadget, however the MK.2 accompanies a removable link that is a full meter long

Assembling the MK.2 is a simple, three-venture measure. The stand comes joined to the control center in the crate. In the wake of eliminating the stand, I essentially connected the USB-C link, which fits through an opening in the represent simple link the executives. Whenever that was done all that was left was connecting the link to my PC and designing the product.

Software of Elgato Stream Deck MK.2

The Stream Deck application, which is something very similar for all models of Stream Deck, is where you arrange the entirety of the catches. Exploring the product isn’t hard as there is a rundown of activities and upheld programming on the right with an image of all the keys on Stream Deck on the right. To arrange each catch, intuitive the activity you’d prefer to appoint on the proper spot on the catch map.

The implicit activities are coordinated by application/work and incorporate classifications for Elgato Game Capture, OBS Studio, Soundboard, Stream Deck capacities (make an organizer, set brightness,etc), Streamlabs OBS, Twitter and Twitch. Assuming you need to make in excess of 15 catches, you can add organizers catches which bring you down a level where you can add a totally different arrangement of catches.

You can likewise make custom activities that will hit a console blend, dispatch a site or enter text for you. There’s a multi-activity button that will do any mix of these together as well. What’s more, you can even make your own custom symbols to go on the catches.

In the event that building activities yourself isn’t sufficient, there are a great deal of modules like one that gives Spotify incorporation, despite the fact that I don’t suggest utilizing music during your streams (you could utilize it in your private time, however. You can likewise discover modules for other, non-streaming jobs like programming in Visual Studio.

The Stream Deck MK.2 isn’t only for working on streaming, it assists with sound, observing volumes, however voice modding also. At the point when you see streamers making their voice reverberation, or sound like they just breathed in helium, they’re utilizing Voicemod, a module that is accessible for the Stream Deck that has some restricted free substance however charges a membership expense for utilization of the vast majority of its belongings.

Where I might want to see greater usefulness is in the sound observing office. With Loupedeck, there are six handles devoted to taking care of an alternate program’s sound.

Making capacities like running promotions on your Twitch, act out just visit, and making cuts are essential to having a consistent stream. The Stream Deck MK.2 additionally has the capacity to make numerous profiles for running diverse Twitch accounts or for various events. You can associate with Twitch, YouTube, Streamlabs, and Twitter by marking in by means of the Stream Deck programming.

Associating your Twitch account permits you to make fastens that coordinate with your stream. I set a catch to open OBS to have speedier access. Inside the OBS capacities, you can switch scenes, start and stop your stream just as move around sources.

Specifications of Elgato Stream Deck MK.2

Total Height 10 inches (25mm)
Total Width (without stand) 3.3 inches (84mm)
Total Length 4.6 inches (118mm)
Weight (with stand) 270g (9.5oz)
Weight (without stand) 145g (5.1oz)
Cord Length 1 meter

Pros & Cons

  • Built-in support for Twitch, OBS
  • Customizable icons and buttons
  • Interchangeable Face Plates
  • Detachable USB-C Cable
  • No audio dial
  • No native support for Adobe apps

Streaming With the Stream Deck MK.2

To perceive how the Stream Deck MK.2 functions practically speaking, I attempted it for one of my streaming meetings and thought that it is changed my work process altogether. From the time I chose I needed to stream until the finish of my stream, the solitary time I contacted my console was to refresh my title, change my game, and turn on my shut subtitling highlight.

I for the most part utilized it for audio effects, scene changes, and to quiet my mic. It makes streaming more consistent and it causes things to appear to be more enjoyable. It resembles having your own in-house studio maker. In the case of something insane occurs, I can tap the scene change catch to a scene with simply my camera so my watchers can see a full screen of my response. My number one audio cue to utilize is the blue pencil sound so assuming I need to have an extemporaneous “reviling” meeting I just constantly press the catch as I holler about being killed by the Imposter who I said was the Imposter two gatherings back!

Non-Streaming Uses of Stream Deck MK.2

We should discuss use cases outside of Twitch. The Stream Deck MK.2 has a Zoom module that permits you to wind down on/off your camera and quiet yourself. There’s likewise a Speed Test module, which is useful while investigating.

The Loupedeck has additionally ruined me in this space since it has different capacities implicit for Adobe Photoshop and other non-streaming applications. The Stream Deck programming either doesn’t have these locally and there are modules for a few, yet I didn’t perceive any for Adobe applications. You can generally make your own Photoshop activities, however.

Once in a while I need a psychological break in me gazing at my PC the entire day. I begin getting nervous and not having any desire to accomplish real work. The Deck gives some psychological alleviation its smaller than normal games like Memory Game, Dice, and Reaction Deck. I’ve tried out the Memory Game and it’s not really cutthroat or animating — it’s truly unwinding.

This full scale keypad truly has some reach. The symbols can be customized with photographs of you, your acts out, or entertaining photographs that match the sound by utilizing the Elgato key maker page. There are preloaded symbol packs roused by Assassin’s Creed Viking legend, Apex Legends, and a superhuman pack.

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In the event that you do any sort of streaming, the Stream Deck MK.2 will make your life simpler and permit you to zero in on the assignments that matter most: making content and connecting with your crowd. Simply having the option to hit a solitary catch to accomplish something like Tweet, rather than exploring through menus with my mouse and console, is a distinct advantage for me.

I think this piece of innovation is focused on mid-level streamers. The product and modules are not difficult to utilize and arrangement. Nonetheless, if an individual is new to streaming, this gadget could be pointless excess, as you should not actuate that numerous functions.I additionally wound up wishing I had a dial to control the volume, an element which the Loupedeck has, instead of pressing a catch.

The Stream Deck is useful in regular use outside of streaming. Giving alternate routes to different projects that I use has a truly pleasant proficient feel to it. I sincerely can’t return to not having a full scale keypad.

The Stream Deck MK.2 is a visual improvement over the first, with the key contrast being the adjustable plate sans vinyl stickers. The USB-C link and new stand are useful as well. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you effectively own a Stream Deck, there’s no compelling reason to surge out and get the MK.2 form only for beauty care products.

Assuming you need to set aside cash, consider the Stream Deck Mini, which is essentially a similar gadget however with six catches. Furthermore, assuming you need a more vigorous answer for proficient sound or video altering, one of the Loupedeck models, what start at $269 and go up to $549, might be a superior decision on account of their implicit run dials. Notwithstanding, assuming you need a profoundly practical large scale cushion at a sensible value, the Stream Deck MK.2 could be your most ideal decision.