defeat the boss scavenger in tunic

How to Defeat the Boss Scavenger in Tunic

The Scavenger Boss is very difficult. It utilizes inconsistent assaults and moves around the combat zone rapidly, and assaults with a blend of skirmish and gone assaults. This is the way to Defeat the Boss Scavenger in Tunic.

The Scavenger Boss has three gone assaults. The first is a wide assault from its firearm. You can either take cover behind cover or safeguard this. The supervisor will likewise throw projectiles at you that have a semi-large impact span, so flee from them. At last, the Scavenger Boss will jump toward you and convey a shockwave. The radiant white part can harm you, so avoid over this when it draws near.

There are additionally a few skirmish assaults from the Scavenger Boss to stress over. The manager can lurch at you with a wide swing. You can safeguard this assault, how to defeat shogun genshin yet evading is more reliable with trying not to get hit. Assuming you are close, the Scavenger Boss can swing at you with two consecutive short goes after that can be avoided or safeguarded. Finally, it will kick you and wreck you yet bargain no harm on the off chance that you are close.

defeat the boss scavenger in tunic

How to Defeat the Boss Scavenger in Tunic

The principle challenge from the Scavenger Boss is the means by which inconsistent it tends to be. We utilized a mix of the Magic Dagger, Ice Bombs, and Fire Bombs to bargain predictable harm and give ourselves an opportunity to recuperate. Freezing Glass Shards will allow you to pause for a minute to recuperate,
the surge 2 bosses in order reestablish your sorcery, or get in free assaults.

The Boss Scavenger, uh, supervisor battle, can be a genuine road obstruction on the off chance that you’re not ready. He’s not surrendering the immensely significant seal without any problem. On the off chance that you’ve figured out how to traverse the entire Quarry and Ziggurat to arrive at the fight, you can win this as well. This is the way.

Most importantly, block regularly. You’ll have to do that here more than in some other battle, so generally be prepared to raise your safeguard. The Boss Scavenger likes to enact his goliath safeguard blade crossover weapon and cut at you in multi-hit combos, however assuming you’re locked on and obstructing, you’ll have the option to persevere through it. He may likewise charge forward in a solitary slice, which you can avoid by means of a roll aside. You’ll have to turn over his wave assault as well. At the point when he penetrates the ground with his edge, he’ll convey a shockwave. Turn over the gleaming white piece to stay away from harm.

Tips for Defeat the Scavenger Boss in Tunic

A ways off, this manager may likewise utilize his firearm and projectiles. The barrels in the field will safeguard you from the gunfire, yet the projectiles will compel you to move out of cover to stay away from the blast. The shot can likewise be obstructed, so be prepared for that assuming you see him raise the firearm. Taking everything into account, you need your safeguard up for this entire battle.

Obviously, that implies disapproving of your endurance – bite on some Ivy assuming you really want to move that meter along. The Defeat the Boss Scavenger inwill lift his own safeguard every now and then, so try not to go after when it’s up. Any other way, mind his many assaults and search for your opportunity to strike back. This battle is troublesome, however it is particularly winnable.

defeat the boss scavenger in tunic

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