How to Convert Images into Textual Form for Easy Editing?

When it comes to transforming files from one format to another, people wonder and worry that they might have to invest a considerable amount of time to create another document from scratch. However, as time has brought us into the tech-driven world, we can easily find online facilities that allow us to complete essential tasks without investing time and effort. Converting Doc to PDF, PDF to Doc, PDF to PPT, Word to Excel, and many more conversions have become easy due to the inception of online converters.

Similarly, you can get your hands on the textual form of an image without worrying about following manual procedures. You might be wondering how it is even possible. Well, the introduction of OCR technology has made this job quite simpler for data entry operators. Converting an image into textual form becomes essential for people, as they need to make necessary changes in the text. If you are eager to find the easy ways that can help you convert image to text, you have landed at the right forum.

Best Ways to Convert Image to Text

In this blog, we will discuss the best ways to carry out this conversion. Also, we will highlight the benefits of converting an image to text. So let’s get started without any further delay!

Use Image to Text Converter – SmallSEOTools

A top-rated online platform, SmallSETools, comes with hundreds of tools that can help you carry out multiple tasks without anyone’s assistance. The image to text converter available on this platform is a smart and easy way of extracting text contained in a picture without following any complicated procedures. This web-based tool is compatible with all kinds of platforms, which means that you can access and use it from any device without facing any sort of restrictions. You don’t need to follow any hard and fast rules to use this picture to text converter. All this tool asks you to do is access this tool through the browser running on your device, upload the image you wish to convert, and press the given button. As a result, it will present you with a textual form of your image in a matter of seconds.

Use Google Docs

Google Docs is an online Word Processor, and it has a built-in OCR technology that extracts text from an image in a matter of seconds. Besides creating documents over the web, it allows the users to convert image to text without asking users to follow any convoluted procedure. To use these docs, you need to open Google Drive and explore the image you want to convert into text. Once you have come across the picture, right-click on it and choose the Open with Google Docs option. After that, your selected file will be opened in Google Docs, and the text extracted from the image will be displayed on your screen.

Use Picture to Text Converter – DupliChecker

Just like SmallSEOTools, DupliChecker is also a web-based platform offering multiple online tools, which include the image to text converter. This facility is absolutely free of cost as it doesn’t ask the users to pay a single penny to convert image to text. To use this tool, all you need is a stable internet connection. This picture to text converter won’t ask you to get registered on the platform. The users are allowed to convert as many images into text as they desire without facing any limitations. Whether you’re using a smartphone, desktop, tablet, Mac, laptop, or any other kind of device, you won’t face compatibility issues for using this image to text converter.

Benefits of Converting Image to Text

There are countless benefits of converting images to text. Some of the prominent ones are discussed below.

Make Documents Easily Searchable

The textual format documents are easily searchable as compared to the images. It can take a lot of time to find a specific image among the wide range of pictures stored on your device. However, text files can be easily accessed by simply typing the terms relevant to the data contained in them. You can save a lot of time by converting images to text.

Edit the Text Contained in an Image Effortlessly

Editing the text contained in an image is not an easy task. You may have to use advanced image editing software to do this job. However, the conversion of image to text could be a more feasible option, as it won’t ask you to install a specific program on your device. You can use the image to text converter and edit the text from any image efficiently.

Aid Data Entry Work

Data entry workers have to extract text from images into text-based documents. They have to write everything down word-by-word, which consumes a lot of energy and takes ample time. By converting images to text with an OCR tool, this chore can be completed in a blink of an eye. This technology provides a lot of assistance to data entry work.