How to Complete the Blood for Blood Side Quest in Horizon Forbidden West

In Horizon Forbidden West, you’ll be tasked with completing a blood quest in order to increase your healing power. However, not every quest is easy. In fact, some of them may be too difficult for even the most skilled players. To make things more challenging, Complete the Blood for Blood side quest in Horizon Forbidden West you’ll need to use your blood magic in order to complete these quests. Here are a few tips on how to complete the blood for blood sidequest in Horizon Forbidden West.

To complete the blood for blood quest, you’ll need to find a lot of blood. It’s important to note that not all quests can be completed with just one drop of blood. Some quests may require you to find different types of blood in order to complete them.

To locate the blood required for your quest, start by looking at the map of Horizon Forbidden West and noting the location where the blood is needed. Once you have the blood, you can then head to that location and collect it.

If you find yourself struggling with a task, horizon forbidden west blood for blood bug don’t be afraid to ask for help from other players. There are plenty of people who are happy to help out with tasks that they don’t understand or that they feel are too difficult.

How to Complete the Blood for Blood Side Quest in Horizon Forbidden West

Blood for Blood is a side mission in Horizon Forbidden West that is opened subsequent to finishing The Kulrut principle journey. Dekka needs Aloy’s help with an individual matter, and it twistings into one of the most difficult side missions in the game. This guide discloses Complete the Blood for Blood side quest in Horizon Forbidden West, so you don’t stall out on its monster of a manager battle.

Stage 1: Clear the Shining Wastes South Rebel Outpost

  1. Subsequent to addressing Dekka, you really want to either follow her or meet her at the close by Rebel Outpost. The Shining Wastes South Rebel Outpost is a little camp that Regalla’s agitators have set up, Soldiers March Side Quest in Horizon Forbidden West however it can demonstrate formiddable you in the event that you’re not covert. Utilize the opening to one side of the station to sneak inside and efficiently kill each dissident. A significant number of these dissidents aren’t wearing veils, so you can hit them in the head with a bolt to kill them in a single shot. We suggest accuracy bolts since they bargain the most harm.
  2. When every one of the renegades are dead, you want to involve Aloy’s Focus on the point of support in the middle to distinguish where the Tenakth trooper who was tied there was taken. Then, at that point, follow the path and help them up from the space underneath the floor. This survivor will provide you some insight concerning where to go straightaway.

Stage 2: Go to Fall’s Edge

Go to Fall’s Edge, a little settlement toward the west, Complete the Blood for Blood side quest in Horizon Forbidden West and you’ll find that Dekka’s grandson has been caught. He’s because of face preliminary by battle until Dekka conjures Blood for Blood, a standard that states she can have his spot until he returns subsequent to showing Aloy the close by rebel camp. Regalla’s dissidents are arranging an attack from some place close by, and they should be halted.

Stage 3: Deal with the revolutionaries

Then, make a beeline for the open air fire where you’re because of meet the hostage and his capturer to find a little gathering of dissidents. You really want to kill them and trust that the others will show up at the pit fire. From that point onward, you’ll be directed along the bluffs to the fundamental dissident camp, where it becomes evident that you’re not being misled by any stretch of the imagination.

Stage 4: Kill the Behemoth

  1. This progression is interlaced with the final remaining one. Rebels rise out of the cascade with a Behemoth, a flat out beast of a machine that pinnacles over people and seems as though it sneaks up suddenly. Utilize the tall grass around here to covertly kill however many radicals as you can. Do this prior to taking on the Behemoth on the grounds that the last thing you want to stress over is a little agitator when this thing is gunning for you.
  2. The Behemoth is frail to corrosive, so utilize all of your corrosive weaponry to develop it to cause harm over the long haul. There are six great flimsy spots at the edge of its back, which you can focus on and bargain extra harm with assuming you’re great. Attempt to utilize the ecological snares around this area to develop various sorts of harm as well. The Behemoth is tough, Complete the Blood for Blood side quest in Horizon Forbidden West however it will fall on the off chance that you hit it with enough components. We observed that the machine was simpler to battle on the upper piece of the field, to one side of the cascade as you enter. The Behemoth appears to stall out up there or if nothing else remains far enough away that you make them inhale space in the fight rather than it stomping on you constantly.

Stage 5: Return to Dekka

Whenever the Behemoth is down, return to Dekka and free her. She’ll be brought together with her grandson, her main living family member. You’ll be given the Perimeter Tripcaster as an award, Complete the Blood for Blood side quest in Horizon Forbidden West an unbelievable weapon with three ammunition types, including one that produces safeguards. This is a strong weapon and one that is helpful in practically all circumstances.