How to Complete the Ankhita Quest Line in Citizen Sleeper

Resident Sleeper isn’t exactly a visual novel, Complete the Ankhita Quest Line in Citizen Sleeper however it acquires from that format however much it does the RPG. Or on the other hand perhaps it very well may be classified “turn-based narrating”. That implies meters. You have a wellbeing bar showing your decaying condition (the corp who constructed you would it with arranged oldness in have cared). You have a few dice to move that decide the result of specific occasions (assuming you’re not doing so great you get less dice). Also, you have an energy meter to keep up, in case you starve. In this universe, Ankhita quest line even robots need noodles.

How to Complete the Ankhita Quest Line in Citizen Sleeper

Resident Sleeper is loaded with eccentric characters, each with their own journeys. As referenced in our amateur’s aide, journeys ought to generally be fundamentally important. The hired fighter Ankhita’s journey line is especially intriguing, so we’ve assembled a rundown of steps to assist you with owning it. Some plot subtleties are expected in making sense of these, so consider this your spoiler cautioning.

Fix the Ambergris

Stage one is really meeting the person being referred to. Ankhita can be found at the Ambergris, Fish her separated boat. This is seen as close to dock C-4 after you’ve gained some headway in the game. Converse with her, and she’ll request that you assist with fixing her ride. This is a risky errand — there is a bomb state assuming you roll inadequately. Use alert while going ahead with this one, and recall the exemption for the mission need rule: some of the time it’s ideal to step up a piece prior to endeavoring specific assignments.

Fit a Shipmind

When the boat has been fixed, you’ll continue on toward the following stage. The Ambergris needs another Shipmind — it’s grounded in light of the fact that it was taken in any case. A total Shipmind requires three Shipmind parts. There are a couple of ways of getting these, yet the best technique is to purchase scrap when the shipper transport is available at Dock B-2, on the right-focal point of the guide. You can purchase scrap multiple times each time it visits, however there’s an opportunity of that piece being a part you really want. At the point when you have three, visit the Ort Fabricator in the guide to meld them into an entire Shipmind. Give this to Ankhita to open the following period of her mission.

Open the Greenway

  • Finally, you’ll have to open the Greenway, Beat Eiyuden Chronicle Rising the northernmost segment of the station. On the off chance that you haven’t opened the Low End, complete assignments there to open up that piece of the guide. By then, you’ll have the option to arrive at Founder’s Ferry. It’ll cost you a strong 150 to utilize it to cross to the Greenway, yet fortunately that is a one-time charge. Around the time you do as such, Ankhita will make reference to that she’s following her old crewmate who snatched the first Shipmind. Go to that marker along the Greenway to watch the last venture of Ankhita’s journey line work out.
  • Finishing Ankhita’s journeys is fundamental for arriving at two of the game’s eight endings. Allude to our aide on the most proficient method to get them for more data.

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  • The train took turn around back roughly 10 to 15 Km. At the point when they observe that individual, he was mercilessly harmed and oblivious, nobody was there prepared to keep and bring him down in the train yet my companion take the mental fortitude and drive to take him back in to the train. They all are watching him alone to keep and get him down while his garments get blood everywhere.
  • Few moments later the individual gets cognizant after some medical aid help. In the mean time every one individuals cheer and applaud my companion and proposition him food and honor. TC asked his name and address after train reach to Akola station where there was a declaration “We invite Mr. Awaiz Khan and his family at Akola station”. He resembled incandescently happy and extremely glad himself.

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