All known Companions you can Befriend in Hogwarts Legacy

PlayStation’s most recent State of Play, zeroing in only on companions you can befriend in Hogwarts Legacy, has uncovered a plenty of subtleties on the game as well as a Holiday 2022 delivery window. Watching the 20-minute show shows the endeavors that Avalanche Software has brought to bringing the notorious institute of black magic and wizardry to life, as it adjusts numerous regions from the books that have never been acknowledged on screen.

Picking a house happens during first minutes of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. You can look over 4 houses known from the universe: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Ravenclaw. Contingent upon your decision, hogwarts legacy character creation your legend will invest additional energy with the understudies from a similar house and participate in special exercises. Decision of a house doesn’t impact the ongoing interaction yet changes a portion of the components for example partners.

All known Companions you can Befriend in Hogwarts Legacy

While you will be the principle character of Hogwarts Legacy, that doesn’t mean you are the main individual watching the lobbies of the school of black magic and wizardry. You will experience a lot of different understudies in your experience, with some of them turning into your companions and going along with you on your central goal. Here are every one of the buddies we know about in Hogwarts Legacy.

As of this composition, we have simply been acquainted with a Singularity Main Quest couple of buddies in Hogwarts Legacy and have barely any insight into them. We really do realize that these characters will actually want to show you new capacities as you get to know them and possible will have their own sidekick missions zeroing in on them. We will refresh this post when we know more.

Natsai Onai

Natsai Onai is a Gryffindor understudy who loves experience. She needs to be a legend and show that she is paying special attention to the benefit of all.

Poppy Sweeting

Poppy Sweeting is a Hufflepuff understudy who loves mystical monsters to the point that she interfaces with them simpler than she does with different people.

Sebastian Sallow

Sebastian Sallow is a Slytherin that likes to mess around and wouldn’t fret causing problems. He doesn’t give off an impression of being made out as a trouble maker like regular Slytherins are, however he obviously has a dim family past.


For what reason doesn’t Harry warm up to Non Gryffindors in his initial Hogwarts years? His first Hufflepuff companion is Cedric (GOF) and first Ravenclaw companion is Luna (OoTP). He has no Slytherin companions.

Assuming Rowling had thought it out better when she previously made the Houses, she might have had Harry be companions with others right from the start since he didn’t-not at all like most of pureblood wizarding kids grow up with any assumptions about individuals in different Houses. In any case, it’s just conceivable assuming that the writer had considered doing this before she composed the books. Which she didn’t so . . .we didn’t actually have some other viewpoint on Slytherins aside from the restricted one of Dragoons (Draco and his thugs).

In any case, something like this with Harry making companions across every one of the Houses has been done in fanfics. I did it two times once in Common Interests and the other in The Very Best Thing.

Which of the characters in Harry Potter do you want to have been companions with through school?

  • Luna Lovegood-she was wonderful, and I would adore examining her paranoid ideas in depth.(Shut up, Nargles are genuine, in the event that you say they aren’t, let me remind you we’re discussing a book series with strict mythical beasts, obviously nargles are genuine)
  • Neville-would have attempted to converse with him more and motivate him to open up. I don’t gel well with the extrememly outgoing individuals and find it simpler to hit an affinity with the tranquil children. Neville would have held fascinating discussion.
  • Senior member Thomas-Yes, that was a red card, ref. Indeed, Quidditch is savage, mate. What do you mean, you support Chelsea? Liverpool are better.
  • Ron Weasley-Your undying adoration for the Chudley Cannons is valued, mate. Here, look, you’re not idiotic, you took out a completely developed mountain savage with a basic Wingardium Leviosa. You know as much sorcery as anybody. How about we cooperate, perusing textbooks on wizardry can be fun assuming we make it to be. Simply envision Malferret on the less than desirable finish of these curses.
  • Harry Potter-Sorry, yet your scar looks a piece interesting. Additionally, how would we get Ron and Hermione together *conspiratorial whispers*

What is the connection between your Hogwarts house’s attributes and your real character?

  • I’m a Slytherin. I realize I have a few attributes of a Slytherin. In any case, as there is no person to contrast and from Harry Potter books (7 of them), I might want to contrast myself and Albus Severus. I was perusing Cursed Child and I thought I am half similar to him.
  • The genuine attributes of Slytherin house are tricky, creativity, and desire. I cant say without a doubt that I have those qualities.
  • Yet, there’s no need to focus on what attributes you have. Its about what characteristics you esteem the most.
  • If not, Cedric would be Gryffindor, Hermoine a Ravenclaw and Fred and George a Slytherin.
  • I believe this is on the grounds that I esteem the characteristics of a Slytherin, I am a Slytherin.