charge a laptop with a broken charger port
How To Charge A Laptop With A Broken Charger Port

How to Charge a Laptop With a Broken Charger Port

Imagine you’re headed away for an end of the week then charge a laptop with a broken charger port get away. Maybe you’re going to a companion’s destination wedding or a family excursion to the beach, or perhaps it’s camping with your companions. You choose to carry your laptop with you because it’ll be great to charge a laptop with a broken charger port to stream films, finish some work, or play a PC game in your personal time. A laptop can assist you with feeling comfortable when you’re away from home.

To learn bit by bit how to charge a laptop with a broken charger port? Then, at that point, this aide is for you. In present day occasions a PC or laptop is an everyday gadget for everybody. Many individuals are facing this issue up to this point. When you are involving a laptop for quite a while and abruptly observed your charger port is broken, what would it be a good idea for you to do?

charge a laptop with a broken charger port

The charger of laptops is an essential part of the battery life. It is a gadget that changes over electric energy into the immediate flow so it tends to be utilized to charge laptop batteries and enhancer your cell phones like smartphones, tablets, and so forth As these chargers are important parts of our daily use, we want to know if charging port is damaged laptop take care of them appropriately.

How to Charge a Laptop With a Broken Charger Port

Assuming that you use your laptop in a dusty climate, the charger port will be inclined to tidy particles. The smallest airflow can blow the particles into contact with delicate hardware and cause issues like this.

Also, assuming your laptop is dropped down or falls on its side, there are chances that it may damage the connector inside, which may stop working because of a short out issue.

It could also happen when articles fall from the work area onto connectors of the power adapter stopping USB cable at the backside of PC causing electric flow course through metal parts instead of wire associations. This leads to breakage or disengagement of Charger Port contacts bringing about power failure for charging the battery. There are two method to charge a laptop with a broken charger port. You can also read about Improve Laptop Performance for Gaming from here.

Method 1: Charge a Laptop With a Broken Charger Port

Assuming your laptop charger port is broken, you may be thinking about how to charge it without a functioning charging cable. Charging cables are by all account not the only way to drive up your gadget; there are many external chargers on the market that can give you enough squeeze for at least a little while of work. These gadgets incorporate car and desktop USB ports, AC outlets with worked in converters as well as portable solar panels that will recharge your battery pack in one day. The accompanying advances demonstrate a few choices:

1: Connecting to a Desktop Computer

This choice requires more space than others however has its advantages, such as utilizing other USB lines while connected thusly. All you really want is the right converter from any local hardware store, and you can plug one finish of the string into your telephone’s charging port, then, at that point, plug the opposite end into a USB port on the PC. The converter will change an AC over to a DC.

2: Lying On A Car Seat

charge a laptop with a broken charger port

This is similar to utilizing your desktop however requires no transformation and frequently turns out best for smaller gadgets like tablets or smartphones. All you really want is a car seat with worked in electrical plugs that allow access through their USB ports; these are regularly found in more up to date models and rental cars (assuming yours doesn’t have them). Stopping this way means having access to all available USB lines on the double without requiring any converters. Simply make sure not to leave anything connected while unattended!

3: Smartphone Charger

For gadgets without a USB port, grab your car charger and fitting it into the cigarette lighter. Your gadget should then perceive this as an AC source for charging purposes.

4: Laptop Adapter

Assuming you’re coming up short on power however have access to an electrical attachment, all you want is a laptop adapter (in addition to a string) with the two closures compatible with your laptop’s feedback voltage/flow rating. Utilizing one will allow you to change over the family current from 110 volts at 60 hertz to the higher voltage your laptop is intended to run.

5: Battery Pack

Assuming you just need power for another charge or are stuck some place with no access to a wall attachment (or have another kind of crisis), consider grabbing a battery pack that can be charged through a miniature USB cable like those from Anker. These will allow you to utilize any fueled USB input on your telephone/tablet inasmuch as they meet its rated wattage yield; another choice would be running off an external battery bank like these from RAVPower.

6: The Rescue Plan

Assuming that your laptop is all the way out of juice, yet you have another compatible charger (or battery pack), consider involving the other gadget as a temporary power source while it’s charging up to stay associated with your team and accomplish your work for at least a little while until you’re back in range of outlets.

charge a laptop with a broken charger port

Method 2 Charge a Laptop With a Broken Charger Port

  • Eliminate the battery from the laptop you are utilizing. Actually look at the kinds of the battery. After a check, you have to do the subsequent stage.
  • It might be ideal assuming you had a voltammeter for this progression. You have to check the positive(+) and negatives(- ) about the battery.
  • Interface with a power supply with 20 to 25 % higher voltage yield. After finishing the means, read the subsequent stages.
  • Presently associate the up-sides of force supply and battery through an Ammeter. And then, at that point, associate the battery source.
  • However, adjust the voltage of the source. You have to set it between 1 – 1.5 amps.
  • At the point when you see that Ammeter goes to nothing, the charge of the battery is full.


I trust, today, you get all the information about the inquiry how you can charge a laptop in the event that charging port has borken . Assuming you face the same issue later, make sure to contact the customer administration of the particular brand; they may give you some warranty after fixing it.