How to Charge a Laptop in a Car [Step by Step Guide]

Imagine you’re headed away for an end of the week getaway. Maybe you’re going to a companion’s destination wedding or a family outing to the beach, or perhaps it’s camping with your companions. You choose to bring your laptop with you because it’ll be great to stream motion pictures, finish some work, or play a PC game in your vacation. Then you must need to charge a laptop in a car. A laptop can assist you with feeling at home when you’re away from home.

With today’s pervasiveness of telephones and tablets, you probably won’t depend on your laptop as much as you used to, yet there are still occasions when it’s essential to have the option to charge it while in a hurry.

charge a laptop in a car

There are many ways you can charge a laptop while you’re driving a car. However, it’s memorabilia’s important that not all of these strategies are safe and powerful. In this article, we’ll cover four most ideal way to charge laptop with phone charger while you’re driving your car.

How to Charge a Laptop in a Car

Each laptop is worked with an internal battery. To get the battery charged, you’ve quite recently got to supply it with some power. More often than not, we plug our laptop into an electrical plug in our home, and the power travels through the cable and into the battery.

A laptop charger is arguably the best way to transfer capacity to your laptop battery, however there are alternate ways to do it, too. All you want is:

  • A power source
  • A way to transfer the capacity to the battery

1: Using A USB Charger

charge a laptop in a car

In the event that you don’t have access to the cigarette lighter, you can utilize a USB charger. This is the easiest way to charge your laptop when you’re driving. The key here is to turn off the USB cable before you start driving.

You will need to Identify HP Laptop Charger that will work with your car. You can get it from any gadgets store, or you can arrange it online. Best of all, it’s 100% safe to utilize while driving.

Assuming you don’t have access to a cigarette lighter, you can utilize your car battery. However, this is really dangerous, especially in the event that you’re driving on a rough road. It won’t take too much an ideal opportunity to charge your laptop, especially assuming that you utilize a USB charger.

2: Using A Universal USB Charger

charge a laptop in a car

Another way is to purchase a universal USB charger to use in your car. With the universal charger, you can easily charge your laptop by plugging the USB cable into the electrical plug and car cigarette lighter. Yet, for this, you really want to make sure your laptop upholds charging via its USB ports.

Because a few laptops don’t take charging input through their USB Type-C ports. While a few, then again, do uphold charging via those USB Type-C ports, as MacBooks and Dell XPS series of laptops.

3: Using A Power Bank

charge a laptop in a car

You can also take along with you a large power bank that charges your laptop. For this, you will, however, need to make sure that your laptop upholds charging via a power bank.

Because a few laptops really do have USB Type-C inputs, yet they don’t take charging input. While a few, or most current laptops truly do take in charging via those USB Type-C ports, as MacBooks and Dell XPS series of laptops.

4: Using A Car Laptop Charger

charge a laptop in a car

A laptop charger is another one of the ways you can use to charge your laptop in a car. You can straightforwardly plug it into your laptop power jack and start charging, very much like a normal charger that accompanies your laptop.

  • Associate the charger to your car power source (cigarette lighter attachment), and start charging by plugging the opposite finish to your laptop power jack.
  • These laptop car chargers are really costly, so you can easily find them on almost any gadgets store near you, or on Amazon if you like to arrange online.

Some car chargers accompany numerous connectors so make sure you utilize the one that accommodates your laptop power jack, any other way you may damage the charger or your laptop power jack assuming you use power in case it doesn’t go in.

Can I charge a laptop without a charger?

To charge a laptop without charger power banks are great add-ons. The power rating of a power bank is a major factor to charge a laptop. You should be very much informed about how to charge a laptop in a car with a power bank prior to purchasing a power bank.

Usually, laptops are rated 18V so using the power bank of 18V should be a mistake and a waste of time. Just high voltage power banks can do the task to charge the laptop.

Does drive inverters harmful to your car?

Assuming that you use power inverters safely it won’t harm your car as the 12V cigarette attachment is intended to supply 12V max. However, the danger is at which power inverter you are using to charge your laptop or different gadgets.

You should utilize a branded inverter to charge your laptop in a car. The cheap inverter can cause damage to the port or gadget as well as result in a blown circuit.