change language on apex legends xbox

How to Change Language on Apex Legends PC

This article is about How to Change Language on Apex Legends PC. With Apex Legends Season 11 here, presumably we’ll have a lot of new players to clash with. Very much like most games, the player base is loaded with a wide scope of players from one side of the planet to the other, which means there’s an assortment of languages.

Apex Legends Season 10 is going full bore, and millions of individuals from around the globe are joining the good times. The game offers a wide scope of languages to browse to guarantee a consistent encounter for such an expansive player base. However, how precisely do you change your language in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is going into Season 11, and a lot of players have jumped on board to the Battle Royale. Considering what number stages the game is accessible on and what number players have joined, how to change apex to japanese xbox language options are a fundamental piece of the Apex Legends settings.

Change Language on Apex Legends PC

How to Change Language on Apex Legends PC

The vast majority play Apex Legends from their PC, be it through Steam or Origin. This section will show you how to change your language in Origin. This is what you want to do:

  1. Open Origin and track down Apex Legends in the Library.
  2. Click the game and press the stuff image to go to the settings.
  3. Explore to the “Progressed Launch Options” section.
  4. Select your favored language, and you’re all set.

Changing the language settings on PC for Apex Legends

PC players can download Apex Legends from Steam or Origin. While the two stages fill a similar need, they will quite often have various settings techniques for their games. You can also read about Best Capture Card For Xbox One from here.

On Origin, the EA-possessed stage for Apex Legends, players need to make a beeline for their library and search for the game. At the point when the game is chosen, players will have an option to open up a stuff icon with settings. The option for new languages is found there.

Tragically, Apex Legends automatically chooses a language for yourself and you should alter your settings on your game launcher (Steam/Origin) or your console to change to an alternate language. Here is a fast manual for change your language in Apex Legends on any stage.

What language options are accessible in Apex Legends?

There are 12 languages at present upheld by Apex Legends which incorporate English, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (improved), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish. On PC and console, all language packs are introduced naturally while Nintendo Switch clients need to download the necessary language packs independently.

How to Change Apex Legends language on PC (Steam/Origin)

Apex Legends requires Steam or Origin to dispatch. This is the way you can change the language on one or the other stage:


change language on apex legends xbox

  • Dispatch Steam
  • Head to “Library”
  • Look for Apex Legends
  • Right snap on Apex legends and snap on Properties
  • Find the Language tab
  • Select your language of decision
  • Dispatch Apex Legends


  1. Dispatch Origin
  2. Open your Games Library
  3. Track down Apex Legends
  4. Click on the Gear icon
  5. Click on Advanced Launch Options
  6. Click on Application settings and change the language through the Language tab

Change Apex Legends language on Xbox and PS4/PS5

  • Dispatch Apex Legends
  • Go to the Settings menu
  • Track down the Language option
  • Pick any of the upheld languages

Nintendo Switch

  1. Open Nintendo eShop from your console’s principle menu.
  2. Look for Apex Legends and open the store page
  3. Download the fitting language pack