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How to Change Battery Color on iPhone | Ultimate Guide

This article is about How to Change Battery Color on iPhone. We as a whole love to customize our phones to have a personality that mirrors our own. Presently, iOS 14 has made this assignment significantly simpler to achieve with gadgets and custom icons. Your iPhone doesn’t have to look as old as else’s assuming that is the thing that you want.

The battery indicator is maybe one of the most making a difference icons in the Status Bar, so why not provide it with a fun and particular sprinkle of color? Another free escape change called ColorMyBattery by iOS designer Kiran Patil allows you to do exactly that.

The screen capture models above portray how to change your battery color on android cares for being colored blue with the ColorMyBattery change; however don’t allow hopes to delude you, as you can pick essentially any color you need.

Winding down Low Power Mode in iOS 9

The means in this article were performed with an iPhone 6 Plus, in iOS 9. These means and the information contained in this article likewise remain constant for iOS 10.

In case you are perusing this article since you have a yellow battery icon on your iPhone and you don’t know where it came from, then, at that point, almost certainly, you didn’t empower Low Power Mode intentionally. Beside the strategy for empowering or handicapping this setting that is examined in the means underneath, it can likewise be turned on through a spring up window that shows automatically when your iPhone arrives at 20% battery life or lower.

This aide will show you how to cripple the Low Power mode to change your iPhone battery color from yellow back to either the dark, red, green or white color that it normally is. This will bring about your battery life depleting more rapidly than it did when Low Power Mode was empowered. You can Make Keyboard Bigger on iPhone in any case make a few changes that will assist with further developing battery life when you’re not in Low Power mode.

Open the Settings menu.

  • Look down and select the Battery option.
  • Tap the button to one side of Low Power Mode to wind down the setting.
  • Your battery icon should at this point don’t be yellow. As mentioned before, you will probably see a diminishing
  • in battery life subsequent to winding down Low Power mode.

How to eliminate or wind down the yellow battery icon on an iPhone

  1. Open the Settings menu.
  2. Look down and select the Battery option.
  3. Turn off the Low Power Mode option.

Utilizing Control focus in iOS, Fix Yellow Battery icon on iPhone

New customize control focus, we can add low power mode in the control place physically. Furthermore Enable it without any problem. that is the reason the battery icon on the iPhone goes Yellow. Save battery life on your iPhone and Don’t miss any notifications whether you will go on a long drive venture.

Is It Possible to Color the Battery Indicator Icon on iPhone?

Without going around aimlessly, the appropriate response is a cruel no. It isn’t actually imaginable to color your battery indicator icon except if you have a jailbroken iPhone.

Jailbreaking an iPhone permits advantage escalation and eliminates programming restrictions set by Apple and App Store. Assuming you have a jailbroken iPhone, you can introduce an application that allows you to change and set various colors for various battery rates, among different things.

change battery color on iphone

In any case, you can’t customize and change the color of the battery indicator on your ordinary iPhone. The only color changes to a battery indicator are simply the ones set by Apple: green for charging, yellow for power saver mode, red for low battery, and white regularly.