How to Block a Group on Facebook

In this guide we will discuss about How to Block a Group on Facebook. Type in “127.0. 0.1 ” and afterward the location of the site you need to impede, trying to keep a space between the numbers and the location. For instance, “127.0. 0.1” will hinder Facebook.

One method for obstructing Facebook on all work PCs is by impeding the Facebook URL through the organization switch. To do this: Identify the IP address for your switch. In Windows, go to Start, type cmd in the pursuit menu, how to block a group facetime type ipconfig in the order box and snap enter.

How to Block a Group on Facebook

  • From your Feed, click Groups in the left menu and select your gathering. In the event that you don’t see Groups, click See More.
  • Click Members beneath the cover photograph.
  • Observe the part you need to eliminate or impede.
  • Click close to their name and select Remove part or Block from bunch.
  • Snap to really look at the crate close to Delete ongoing action assuming you might want to erase their most recent 7 days of posts, Showbox, remarks, responses, surveys and forthcoming part solicitations.
  • Assuming you’re eliminating the part and you’d likewise prefer to impede them, click Block [name].
  • To forestall a part you obstructed from joining again under an alternate profile, select Block [name’s] future profiles. Note that Facebook will most likely be unable to recognize every new record.
  • Click Confirm.


On Facebook how would I impede a gathering that I joined?

At the point when you begin seeing posts from that specific posts… do the accompanying :-

  • Click on the 3 specks that show up on the right hand corner of the post.
  • Select the fifth choice “unfollow”.
  • Or then again assuming you need you can rest notices for 30 days.

How would I impede Facebook people group pages?

When you block a Page, that Page can never again collaborate with your posts or like or answer to your remarks. You will not have the option to post on the Page or message the Page. Assuming you like the Page, you’ll not at all like and unfollow it.

To impede a Page:

  • Go to the Page you need to impede.
  • Click beneath the Page’s cover photograph.
  • Select Block Page.
  • Click Confirm.

How would I conceal my posts in Facebook Groups from specific companions?

Haha. I’ve done that previously. Not so natural to make sense of. I’ll attempt. On the most recent up date. Go to a specific companions FB profile. Click on the choice companions. As displayed in pic. It will show you choices. Change a specific companions choice to “Associate” then, at that point, each time you post something you can apply. Everybody with the exception of associates, this prevents the colleague from seeing the post.